Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The weekend had it's moments....

... some better than others. Or let's just suffice to say that if I did not get the tummy bug on Saturday night and if the boys napped both the days it could have been rather perfect.

On Friday afternoon we stopped at our local park to play a bit before heading home. The autumn leaves are beautiful in a part of the park.

Some of us were so into the leaves very other play took place.

And as  per usual someone else was just following his big sister

And someone else followed for a short while and then did what a play park is intended for.
On Saturday we had a quick trip to the shops. The Princess dressed early in her own choice (apparently being Princess Catherine) and took a bit of convincing to dress a bit warmer before leaving home.

Our friends S & I over for Hunter's brilliant curry and rugby. I made pizzas for the kids - it was a hit.  And it was possibly the calmest evening with the kiddies all playing so nicely together that we ever had!
On waking Sunday morning I knew that I had some tummy issue - I had been feeling rather meh since late Saturday afternoon. So, the kids and I had a quiet morning at home while Hunter did duty at the church and then they surprised me with all sort of wonderfulness for Mother's day. We also had a braai with my mom (which was a bit wasted on me - but nobody's fault) and then Hunter gave me the gift all moms love - an afternoon nap and some quiet time when he took the kids to the park.

Flowers and card with rhyme from my Princess, heart cards made by the Boys and another old Deon Meyer to re-read (just what I asked for!)from Hunter the kids.
Lovely bath and foot treats from my puppies
The Princess' flowers that went with the rhyme. Each sentence went with a flower.
By Sunday night Hunter was man down as well, resulting in both of us spending yesterday in bed. Sick as dogs.

Thanks to my family for such a great Mothersday - if it was not the best ever, it was due to the bug - not due to their lack of trying to make it great.

Edited to add - due to my almost 2 kg loss in two days I am now almost my weight when we got married.  If only one did not pick up those 2kg in one day again!


  1. Looks like a calm weekend. Sorry you were knocked down with flu though :(

  2. lots of presents :D

    PS your daughter is tooooo beautiful! :)

  3. @06fdc7f5c085916fe4b39d891d1f6c8a Had your "new blog" details and lost them. Please send link.

  4. Shame darl, hope you feeling better.

    Love the autumn pics - need to get out into my yard and take some xx

  5. I love all the different vibrant oranges and browns this time of the year. It's one of the things that I love about Autumn.

    Sorry to hear you weren't well on Mothers day. It looks like your hubby spoilt you though which is always a good thing :)

  6. Stunning photos in the park...they just beg to be scrapped;-) That curry looks so inviting. You have clever pups that know just what you need;-)

  7. Looks like the perfect fall day:-)

  8. Those pics of the kids at the park are just beautiful! Love the presents...and yay for the weight loss!

  9. It sounds like you were spoilt rotten. Love the photos with the autumn leaves!

  10. sorry you were ill for Mother's day! Hope you are feeling better.

    *side o

  11. So sorry you were sick! Cannot get over how Little Miss seems to have sprouted so....and still so stunning! Autumn...ENJOY!

  12. It does sound like a near perfect weekend!

    LOVE the photos from the park. Beautiful!

  13. @526350ebf642a2873ae5bbb618e71f90 The pups are old paws at giving Mothersday gifts.

  14. @ae6f03a74be54924532f9e4a218581b4 I bet Autumn in particularly pretty around your parts of the world.


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