Friday, 23 September 2011

Making me happy today....

(a bullet post in photos)
Party preparations 90% done - only cakes to be decorated tonight. And making me extremely happy - a wonderful parcel from Shayne - thanks my friend (contents party related and to be shown later).
New laptop skin and coffee mug (courtesy of the Shopping centre Congress) - the laptop skins were our congress bags.
Still being inspired by Shaun Tompson's (ex world champion surfer) wonderful presentation at the above Congress. He is truly the best inspirational speaker I have ever listened to.
Our garden's yearly birthday gift to the boys (and me) - our Irisses in full bloom.
Not to forget the Clivias - now on their way down, that were stunning this year.

Seeing more and more of this - the two of them also playing together. It feels like forever it was a 2 on 1 in our house with the Princess and C.

The Princess competing in and enjoying her first athletics meet.

And the thought that it is weekend in less than an hour. (Little man L relaxing last Sunday afternoon)
Happy weekend! What makes you happy today?
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  1. Stunning photos!  My grandmother's brother grew loads of clivias.  I think he had all sorts of colours not just the orange ones.  Can't wait to see the photos of the party!  I think it makes all the difference when you have a great public speaker - somebody who speaks from the heart.  Congrats on your girl's athletic achievement.  You must be so proud of her.  And how wonderful when siblings play together!

  2. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Lovely set of photos :)

  4. Gorgeous! Love the ones of L and the little Miss :)

    I said to the kids yesterday, "who does Mummy call Missy?" K shouts, "Kendra!" "And who does Mummy call Mister?" Connor shouts, "Connor!"

    At least they know their nicknames.

    Happy birthday to L and C, and big hugs to you two - you've survived another year :)

  5. Nice photos :) Your little princess is looking so beautiful x

  6. Cat, you are SOOOO talented....and your little subjects are growing more darling everyday. :)

  7. Lovely photos and your daughter is beautiful!!!

  8. Absolutely love the last shot!

    I hope the cake decorations went well :)

  9. Love the bullet photo blog post. Love it :)

  10. Lovely photo post...the kind I love most, that gives me such amazing, happy glimpses into your life.

    What makes me so happy today is having my daughter back under our roof.



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