Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Her favorite things right now are:

DVD: Sound of music, Wizard of Oz and Mamma Mia (do I see a trend of musicals?)
Meal: Braaivleis, calamari and tomato soup
Fruit: Mango, litchi and watermelon
Vegetable: Red or yellow peppers - raw, eaten like an apple
Breakfast: All bran flakes
Drink: Sprite zero - I am not happy about this as I try to avoid apartane for the kids etc, but it's all I am drinking at the moment
Drinking yogurt flavour: Ganadilla
Sweets: Sugus or liquorice allsorts
Chips/crisps: Big corn bites or fritos or Ghost Pops
Toy: My little Pet shop
Colour: Pink.

I am going to do these from time to time to remember my kids' favorites years on


  1. A Daft Scots Lass11 October 2011 at 14:42

    My girls are such tomboys compared to your wee princess.

  2. Oh she is so my kinda girl!!!! We could be great friends :-)

  3. Love this!! I did this once... wonder why I forgot to do it again! 

  4. I also love liquorice allsorts and musicals. She has good taste. I think I'm probably just a big kid myself.

  5. You should also include her favorite word or phrase.  Nevaeh is always saying, "Awkward!" at just the right moment.  She's too funny.

  6. This is a lovely idea!

  7. Awesome idea, they grow up so quickly!

  8. What little girl does not like the color pink? :)
    I so understand the thing about Sprite Zero. I do not like things with Aspartame as well, so don't keep them in the house either. 

  9. Wortmann Marcelle18 October 2011 at 12:44

    hahaha, I wanted to give you a lecture about Zero Sprite....so just by saying what I have is going to be enough...

    I love allsorts as well....


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