Thursday, 13 October 2011

Little man L's favorite things right now are:

DVD: Cars, Bob the builder and Thomas the Train
Meal: Braaivleis, Fish and chips and two minute noodles
Fruit: Pineapple, strawberries and paw paw
Vegetable: Very few - in fact, he will remove them from his food but he likes raw cucumber
Breakfast: Tasty wheat porridge
Drink: Chocolate milk
Drinking yogurt flavour: Peach and Apricot
Sweets: Chomps and Jelly Tots - and any chocolate - he is quite the chocoholic
Chips/crisps: Nik naks or Cheese naks (which he calls "mannetjies chipsies" - to the man on the Nik Naks pack)
Toy: Anything with wheels
Colour: I actually do not know but as I have colour coded them from birth he tends to choose everything in blue which is "his" colour.


  1. Great list! We ned to do this more often for our kids... :D
    Can I lend this idea for my blog as well?

  2. @65113095ee578a6a63fc5032f3c8943d I have seen 3 other bloggers already doing it too - so please do. I feel slightly flattered that the idea is copied!

  3. seeing as you're buying lots of Niknaks, please tell me if you ever see Niknaks Spicy Tomato (it did say Limited Edition on the 3 packs I got - big packs of course - but I thought it was a marketing spin :)) 

    I love these posts of yours - I'm going to look for that thing now.

    ps tasty wheat is the one porridge mine don't like!
    pps they're back from their walk - bye!

  4. I wish I did this when my kids were small...I have forgotten all these little things about them.

  5. This is such a neat idea that you are doing!  Wow, I remember chomps!

  6. You are going to love having this list in 6 months when you've forgotten.  :)

  7. I have borrowed your idea, hope you dont mind:-) think its a great idea to remember who they are now much later in the future. Thanks for the idea:-)!

  8. @48ac0d75b2e79afb09c4ac9cdb000d29 I really do not mind at all - find it quite flattering.

  9. The two brothers are so different. Nice things this son of yours like. 

  10. My boys love all things Thomas and Jacob loves Cars, too!


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