Monday, 31 October 2011

Remember that first one,

your first LP, or in my case, seven single you bought? Gosh, excited to take it home. Putting it on the record player, moving the needle carefully over the vinyl, and waiting for the music to fill the air.I vividly remember my first - bought at the OK bazaars in Waverley. I begged my mom and she gave in and I skipped home with "I have a dream" in my 10 year old little paws - it must have been around 1979/1980. I sang out loud with Abba, I loved it. My cousin and I had fights over the correct words for the song,  and honestly, I would have to Google it to make sure. A few years later I bought my first LP with my own money - "Baby Makes her Blue Jeans talk" by Dr Hook - another great memory of tight high wasted Nine big boys jeans and paisley shirts.

Now the Princess was quite a follower of the previous season of Idols SA - somehow the last one was not followed as much. But she is an Elvis Blue fan - from early on she loved him and my, was her day made when he won. On Friday nights we cuddle and watch "Noot vir Noot" (a local music quiz show we both love - yes, I do admit it, that features a guest artist every episode) and much to her delight Elvis Blue featured. Oh my word - she moved to the Ottoman right in front of the TV and watched. I remarked that we should really buy his album an support a great local artist. On Saturday morning at the shops she saw it on the shelf, and mommy gave in - well, I would admit to enjoying the Cd tremendously. In the car, I had to put it on and immediately play her favorite, Lighthouse. And she sang, and loved it. I am wondering if she will remember this as fondly as I remember "I have a dream".
So what was that first song you bought? That first great music memory?


  1. First album I bought with my own pocket money was the tape of Belinda Carlise Heaven is a Place on Earth. I remember dancing in our living room with my cousin to the music. First movie I was totally addicted to was Top Gun now I look at Tom Cruise and I feel a little sad. What was the first movie you loved.
    My parents still have all their records and all the ones of childrens stories and rhymes that where bought till I was about 9 or 10.

  2. My very first that was given to me was a tape of Elvis (the King).
    The first one I ever bought was a tape of The Bangles!

  3. I can't remember what the first song is that I bought. Really, I can't and it is actually sad thinking about it.

  4. My first tape ever that I bought was a Pop Shop tape. I can't remember the number now but I listened to it over and over and over and ...

  5. I can't remember the first album I bought with my own money - but one song sticks in my head - Tainted Love. remember that? My best friend and I made up a dance to it and used to practice it over and over and over again!

    The first album that I owned was Make it Big by What. An LP and I could not play it enough.

    Oh the memories!

  6. Gosh my first album purchase is SUPER embarrassing now... cringe worthy in fact. I was 7 years old, I was Christmas shopping and I just HAD to buy the Boney M Christmas Album. OMG. I played it over and over and drove my parents demented with it... In fact I am surprised it didn't mysteriously vanish one day. I can not stand hearing Christmas music in malls anymore now! :)

  7. Prince: "When doves cry" (my first single) :D
    Great to think back!

  8. My very first CD I ever bought was Chris de Burgh with Lady in Red on it. My very first mixed tape my cousin made for me that I had before my first CD had Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby) on it as well as some Roxette and Hazard.

    I like that Elvis Blue song.

  9. I remember buying the Glen Madeiros tape. It was either that one or the Kylie Minogue tape. What fun we would have rewinding and listening to our favourite over and over again :)

  10. I per accident deleted Mel B's comment which was:
    I cannot for the life of me remember my first LP...but I remember my first CD...It was by the guys who sang "I'm too sexy for my shirt" or something.

  11. I don't remember any albums I had before although there may have been a Sean Cassidy, but what I remember the most is my parents buying me for Christmas when I was 12 is The Beatles "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". I still consider it one of the best albums of all time.

  12. Right said fred (for MelB)

    LOVED that song.

    We are soooo showing our age.

    Okay, my first was a compilation 80s thing with Locomotion - Kylie, It's got to be perfect - Fairground Attraction and similar (I still know all the words to ALL the songs) Teehee

    Shayne, I love Tainted Love - Soft Cell. It was a favourite of ours at the Vic when we were at Rhodes.

    Oh, that brings back memories :)

  13. I don't even was probably New Kids on the Block!!


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