Friday, 28 October 2011

It's THAT time of the year again....

The time when Pretoria dresses herself in purple Jacarandas to the tourists' delight and my sinus' disaster. But yes, it is pretty and does warm most hearts every year.

To me it always signals the beginning of the end of the year - the start of the silly season, hectic programs and trying to fit everything in. I have been rather down - no , rather make it anxious the last couple of weeks - I am totally stressed (mostly about work) and the year has really been one of our toughest ever. I can feel the dark wolf chomping at my heels but am more determined than ever to win him on my own.The realization hit me today that in 6 weeks time we will be closing the office for the builders holidays - and anxiety about everything that needs to get done before then. In 8 weeks time it is Christmas and this year, I am slacking with the present department - only some stocking fillers bought and something for our little cousin. But we will be home for Christmas and I am looking forward to that. In 7 weeks time we are going on holiday - now there's a light point in all this. Another light point is this:

The Princess with her graduation invitation. Yes, without a doubt, we will be proud grade 1 parents next year. And to come back to this post, big and proud to be graduating, but clutching Blanky Bear - her little security object, that now gets stored in her memory box, but taken out again now and again for some comfort.
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  1. I went like this when I saw your pics, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"


    And try and not stress - I told a friend last night, "we are just not going to get together before the end of the year" :) I'm letting myself off the hook!

  2. Gosh I haven't seen those Jacarandas in many many years. I did love them so when I lived there...

    All the best. This is a tough time of year. I seem to be struggling with it too. It just feels so fraught... *HUGS*

  3. I too think the blooming of the Jacarandas are beautiful and yes, now comes the Silly Season with hectic schedules :(

  4. Those trees are gorgeous. I have never seen anything like that. I love purple.

  5. The jacarandas are gorgeous! Yes, at this time of the year there is more to do than time to do it in. By now you should know that the only way to eat that elephant is bite by bite. Will be thinking of you my friend.

    much love

  6. She's a doll...and those trees are glorious! WOW.

  7. Beautiful Jacaranda trees! Loved them when we were in SA. Grade 1 - how exciting!

  8. Heel mooi!
    Baie groeten uit Vlaanderen,

  9. I always love seeing these trees!!!! So beautiful!! and omg...its so hard to believe Christmas is not that far away! My twins turn 5 in less than a month and then Christmas is right after that. We have a lot coming up, too! Thanksgiving, their birthday, an arrival of a new nephew, more birthdays, etc, etc!!!

    Always a hectic time!

  10. Beautiful trees! And congratulations to the Princess!!!

  11. Allie says:

    So so beautiful!
    I think I would cause accidents if I lived there - be so busy drowning in that beauty that I'd drive into the backs of cars :-)

    Shame ja, I see it in many people (myself included), that kind of inner stress that starts at this time of year.
    Its hard to know how to switch it off, isnt it?
    Sterkte meisie!

  12. Joburg's just as Jacaranda'ed - went to the Westcliff for sundowners last week to look over a purple city and celebrate the beginning of summer! Beautiful. But yes, SO much to get done before everything shuts down in six weeks time...

  13. This is one time of the year I wouldn't mind living in Pretoria ~ those Jacaranda tree's are lovely!

    This year has flown. I can't believe we are counting the weeks down to Christmas alrady...*shock*

  14. I just cannot get enough of the Jacarandas in bloom - they are simply stunning. but yes, they do wreck havoc with our sinuses!

    My dear friend, i am so stressed and ready to take my kids and run away. So mch on the go at the moment, D is going through a tough time at school, Polly is a mass of tears and and and.

    I simply cannot wait for the school termm to be over - 4 weeks and counting!

    Much much love to you xx

  15. I love the jacarandas and it makes driving in the Pretoria traffic a bit more colourful

  16. Stunning, stunning photos!!! I am also stressed about Xmas. I have done nothing! This year I have advised family & friends that I am only buying for th elittle ones. It is so hard to shop for adults. I never know what to buy...and then my list is way too long and difficult to manage!


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