Tuesday, 1 November 2011

So yesterday was one of those days

I rushed through everything at work - it was busy. Yes, I did manage a post but it literally took 10 minutes, if that much. And I felt sort of queezy and tired and a light tummy ache. By evening, I was just not well. Hard to explain exactly what but suffice to say that I am feeling much much better today and that I will blame it all on a tummy bug that I possibly handled better than the usual.

I had such a smile about all those first songs/lp/tapes etc on yesterday's post - and if you have not left a comment there, please do - I just love reading these. And go read the comments - very entertaining. I think If I had prizes to give, Jane F would certainly get for the corniest choice and MomAgainat 40 for the funkiest.

I am planning to do a list for November to do items but it is rather daunting already..... End of the year madness my friends.

I have promised Marcia to link up with her virtual craft day and although I did not physically do this on Thursday night (I went to bed really early), it is what I have completed since the last craft day.
This will be fixed at our front door and features two big hearts (a green polka dot for H and roses for me), and 3 small ones for the kids (green for the boys and red for the Princess) and a sun presenting the presence of God in our home. This project has taken quite a while as the small red tiles were out of stock for months - I later improvised and used a different small red tile for the "K" and then completed it. ("Welkom" is Welcome in Afrikaans)

So what is your favorite type of craft?


  1. I love this sign you made for your home. You are really crafty - really creative as well. Beautiful.
    I like to do sewing. I love it and make a lot of different things for in my home - all "only editions" :)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Wow, I just love it!

    I have not done anything crafty forever - am busy with something at the mo that i'm just not getting to, am hoping tomorrow eve will give me the time that I need.

    I absolutely LOVE your Welkom sign. Stunning. x

  3. Love your craft work!
    Glad you think my first single was funky :D (I still know all the words of the song!)

  4. I haven't been crafty in years!!! I'm not naturally a very creative person, but I do love to quilt. I think it's the geometry thing. But I haven't had time to quilt in ages. I think in a few years as the boys get older. Now what I do like to make time for is cooking. But it's never as pretty of a presentation as DH could do. I just try to make it taste good.


    it is beautiful!!

  6. absolutely gorgeous! you are indeed a genius!

    I think paper is my favourite thing to craft with, and I use that word very loosely :)

  7. Wow that sign is fantastic, I really like that a lot. I never really do crafts, but always feel inspiried when I see what others have done. I should try somethign like this, but I am sure it's fun to do stuff like this in a group...? I need to make a plan to do things with some girls sometimes!

  8. I love this Cat, and the symbolism is very special. WEll done, especially as your time is so limited I am impressed you did this at all!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You are sooooo clever!
    I am still experimenting and trying out a lot of things so can't absolutely say what my favourite thing is yet. Though I guess I could say that my favourite thing is knitting? I go back to it ALL THE TIME and currently I have 3 projects on the go at the same time!
    Seriously. This is just BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE IT. And I LOVE the symbolism. So very special.x

  10. I have been thinking of taking on a mosaic project and your Welkom is so inspirational! It looks beautiful and i love the symbolism in the hearts and the sun.

  11. Wow! that is beautiful!!! I'm so glad you posted a picture of it since you've mentioned it quite often here! Great work!

  12. I love this and all it symbolizes. I wish I could do that...all I ever do is scrap;-)

  13. Your crafty Welkom looks beautiful! How hard would you say it is to do something like that?


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