Monday, 3 October 2011

A tough weekend = great progress

This weekend has been super tough - one of those that leave you out of breath and exhausted on so many levels. And last night L had a "epic sleep failure night" - awake from 1 to 4 but these are happening less and less often. I am hoping that the tonsils removal tomorrow will also help in the nighttime waking department. But yes, possibly this week will be on the tough side too.

I haven't talked much about it but our dear Little man L at all of 4 years old is not potty trained. He has been no 1 at school, but has refused at home. No 2 - nope, nowhere. Hence on recommendation fo his OT we went to a play therapist to assist. I am really in the dark as to what she is doing and that it helps at all, but we do talk about his with him etc. The theory runs that it is a control issue but also sensory for SID kids.

After an exhaustive Saturday with nappies etc we went ahead yesterday and just did it - took away his nappy (which I then realized he has grown attached to - those cute dinosaur pull up ones) and payed very close attention to him to get him to the toilet in time. At first he fought us and did not want to put on underpants. He also fought every time we took him. Later he agreed to a pair of Lightening MacQueen undies (if there is any character that will get him to wear undies it will be this red car) and started to go himself. All and all only one major slip but we were all rather frayed at the edges by the end of the day. Today I am tired, but positive.
I have no problem keeping a kid in night nappies for a while- not forever, but a while - I check at wake time in the mornings and see if the nappy is dry - if it is for a few days we proceed to night times without. Neither the Princess or C ever had a slip at night due to this approach.

He went willingly to school today with his undies (several spares and pants in the bag) and a nappy for sleep time. Just a few minutes ago I phoned and no accidents yet! Please, please may this be the break through! No regression again. Done and dusted! Thanks to my hubby who has played a huge roll in all of this.

And I hate those pull up nappies - I am convinced it is a ploy by the nappy manufacturers to get kids to wear nappies longer - why not make them ugly and not attractive?


  1. Well done Little Man L!
    It sounds like he could be ready now....I'm holding all digits for you guys :)

  2. Holding thumbs it all goes well :)

  3. We just had our 2nd consult with the psych and we discussed toilet training. will do a post soon :)
    Hang in there!

  4. Yay for progress :)

  5. Wonderful reading about your progress!  And yes, I agree with night time.  While Caitlyn is fully day time trained, she is most definitely not ready to sleep without a pull up at night.

  6. Yay to L and to you - here's to a fantastic week!

    Too funny because I am about to buy Connor some pull-ups - he REFUSES to wear nappies during the day and I'm thinking life is about more than chasing a far fitter 2-year-old boy around the house :)

    HIs new thing is he has a pee (standing) in the potty every evening before bath and who knows with V?! The other day D was too slow so he went right there on the bathroom mat :)

  7. I agree with you. Keeping a child in night nappies for a while is totally acceptable. It just makes it easier for child and parent. 
    Do not know if the tonsils removal opt have happened yet but please let us know how it did go?

  8. Good luck! I hope this is the breakthrough you were hoping for.

  9. That's how we trained Graham as well.  We put him in undies and caught him having accidents and put him on the toilet.  No nappies, no pull-ups (except overnight).  Here is a post I wrote on that if you're interested.  Worked like a charm!

  10. Well done on this...I can imagine how proud you must be of him.

  11. At the rate we're going, Adam will still be in diapers at age 4, too. he has no interest and no idea in regards to using the potty. Jacob still needs pull ups at night. I've debated seeing if letting him stay in undies will make a difference...but he wets SO, SO much. Even with a pull up on, he wets through 1-4 times week!


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