Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So how did I do on the September goals.

So how did I do with the September goals? It really stressed me out to have them logged here - maybe I was just very stressed in general, but  let's see:
  1. Read "The Happiness" project and get as much as possible out of the book. ( About 2/3 read and loving it - getting heaps out of it)
  2. Read two other books to make my monthly 3 books goal. Finished "Belong to me on 6/9 had a crappy reading month - in general I do read3 books a month.
  3. Go to the dietician and get sorted on the diet I need to have - I still need to tell you guys why I am doing this but rest assured - this is not going to become a diet blog. Done 8/9
  4. Plan The Boys' birthday party and do it! This is going to be small and low key so not too much planning there. Booked 9/9 Party packs and favors bought 10/09 Invites sent 13/9
  5. Discuss their little school party with the teacher and make a date for it. (their real birthday is on a Sunday this year) Done 7/9 Party to be on 22/9 Party packs bought 10/09
  6. Send the beanies off to Pink Hair Girl. Done 6/9
  7. Send the parcel to our little cousin in Cape Town - belated birthday gift. No need to do - my BIL was here for a brief visit.
  8. Send my gift exchange parcel. 14/9
  9. Make Thank You cards for the knitting ladies that knitted the beanie for me. We sent of 44 at the end!
  10. Make kiddie birthday cards 
  11. Do one craft with the kids per weekend and publish here- 1st one done this Sunday (3/9) Did not do rest of the weekends.
  12. Tidy my shoes and the last of my clothes and put in charity bag to donate
  13. Sort out the rest of the Princess' clothes and put in charity bag to donate 11/9
  14. Sort out boys clothes for summer and put in charity bag to donate (also check some winter stuff that can be donated) 12/9
  15. Tidy glass desk are in the dining room.
  16. Go to zumba at least twice and to gym at least 3 times a week. Total fail!
  17. Sort out with Lucy re sick leave etc. This is a whole story on it's own and I am now done with this
  18. Complete my 2008 photobook in order to use the voucher I have 29/09
  19. If possible do a 2007 book to use my friend's voucher she is not going to use.
  20. Go to the moms night out at the school again. Is only going to be next week and I am not only going, I am hosting a mosaic craft one.
  21. And I am editing this to add a BIG one - get the Boys back to their own room and to actually sleep in their own room. This has actually been a much bigger succes and way easier than I thought!  A big yeah!
So all in all 11 out of 21 and two halves - so make it 12 - which is 57% - maybe not so bad.
Am I going to do it again? Well, yes, I think I just might. But I have decided to keep it to 20 maximum -which is a lot really! Maybe I should limit to 10 and then record extras?


    1. I am so, so very proud of you - look at you!

      You're my success story - if nothing else got accomplished in Sept, just the fact that you participated and can now see the bright side of writing down your goals, my job is done :)

    2. Girl, I don't know how you do it!!!  I never have time to read an actual book...just blogs!

    3. You did very well...and had way to much on your plate to start off with.  I don't know how you get so much done.

    4. For as busy as you are...I think you accomplished a LOT!! I should do a list for the month so I get to some things I keep putting off.

    5. That is seriously impressive!

    6. Oh how I wish I could get my hands on your princess' hand-me-downs.She always has the most gorgeous clothes on :)

    7. Wow. I'm really impressed. I certainly didn't get that much done this past month.


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