Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The cutest little fur trees ever

 featured in the school's annual Christmas play on Friday night. Somehow I always feel that the year is over once this concert is done and dusted. Really, I was so proud of my little fur trees - participating and singing along. Mr C was quite the showman and Mr L surprised us. Still can not believe how far he has come this year.

And while we are on the topic of the weekend, it also had a party in store
 We also did some painting and potato stamping

And put up the Christmas tree - but that is another post all together.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazingly fun weekend! You really are getting into the spirit of things now :D

  2. I think that your twins make the cutest little fur tress - Ag moeder ma :)
    What a great party you had.

  3. allie says:

    I so enjoyed this post!
    So many moms are struggling to survive the end of the year rush but it looks as though you've been able to enjoy every moment of your children's events.
    Love the firs!
    And your princess gets more beautiful by the day!

  4. They are the cutest fur trees!

    Beautiful photos, Cat!

    I am still busy putting together my advent calender... Going to search for small goodies tonight (THanks!)

  5. What an adorable little Christmas program.

  6. Such fantastic pictures. THose are the cutest little fur trees ever. I love how happy everyone looks!

  7. I love the open air Christmas concerts, there is something so magical about them!

  8. Wow what a weekend! I laughed and laughed at "We 3 kings from Orient far, one on a bike and one on a car, one on a scooter tooting the hooter following yonder star..."

  9. Those little trees are TOOOOO cute!!!

  10. So, so cute!! Definitely the best trees ever!

  11. Aah, i love childrens special!
    And those are the cutest trees around :-)


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