Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dear Secret Santa

I am participating in the Secret Santa project this year, and am really struggling to figure out what to send to the blogger to who I am Secret Santa. So, I have decided to do a little post so that maybe my Secret Santa can get some ideas. So for R100 or less, I would love: (And if the family read here they could also get some Brithday ideas, but alas...)
  •  Fenjal bath oil or foam bath - a lovely memory of years gone by. I can recall my gran so well when I smell it.
  • Anything to craft with - pretty paper, ribbons whatever.
  • Any bath stuff - especially Tranquil body treats stuff.
  • A good book - even second hand
  • Beads and other prettyness. 
  • Cute lace summer scarf that you see at all the Chinese shops- in light pink , light blue or grey
  • Colourful flip flops - I wear a size 7. I love colourful flip flops.With stuff on.Especailly those Pick n Pay cheepies with lots of cuteness.
What I really am not crazy about right now:
  • Edible stuff - with my cholesterol issues I really have to be careful. If it has less than 5% fat per 100g I guess it's ok - go try, very little is.
  • Bangles - I can not really wear bangles - they irritate me when I work.
  • Although I am crazy about note books I have about 4 unused ones lying in my bedside table.
So hope that helps?

I have also received this lovely award by many bloggers - the only ones I can remember in my fogged slightly sleep deprived mind today are To love Bella and Dear Max, .My sincere apologies if I forget to mention you here, I have really not kept track with this - crazy time of the year.

So I have to tell you 7 random things about myself:
  1.  I can not eat cooked oats - jip, I have huge tactile issues (I guess L's issues should not have been a surprise to me). When I get home I have to take all jewelery off and tie my hair up otherwise I just can not function
  2. I really do not like noise and very loud music. I love soft music, preferably classical or jazz. Sometimes the noise levels in the house totally drives me over board.
  3. If I could sing better I would love to sing the role of Carmen in the opera by Bizet. I would love to passionately sing the Habanera in a black and red Spanish dress.
  4. I can not put nail polish on my own nails - I really just can not. I do not have the time for "proper nails" so I just do not "do" nails.
  5. I also can not do my own eyebrows - I leave that to my much beloved beautician friend.
  6. I really want a second island honeymoon with my love. 
  7. I am totally addicted to humus, taramosalata and tahina with biscuits I am allowed to eat. And pasta - I can live from pasta. I think somewhere in my precious lives I was both Greek and Italian
Now this one has really done the rounds and I am sure almost all of you have received it - so I would like to award this to everyone that reads this post. Go ahead dear - take it and thanks for your kind comments. As the Golden Girl song goes: "Thanks for being a friend".


  1. I love that you did a post like this. Gives one a thought of what to get you if one do consider it. Anyone for that matter.
    I also love hummus and love to eat is with whole wheat pasta. So delicious.

  2. I have always wanted to sing opera, but sadly 'my voice does other things' as our receptionist likes to say when I sing out loud in the office

  3. I'm not doing secret santa - did think about it but have done 3 swops this year so giving it a break.

    i also love Fenjal!

    And i'm exactly the same as you - as soon as I walk in the door all jewellery (except earrings) comes off and hair goes up.


  4. As much as I love the sweets and goodies, I hope I don't get any this year either...not a good temptation when I'm trying to continue to lose weight!

    I hate doing my own nails too - not so much b/c I can't paint them but because it never lasts...its chipped by days end. Just not worth it to me...

  5. I'm not doing the secret santa thing this year.. I know I would disappoint someone.
    Love your list!
    Oh and I also remove all jewellery as soon as I get home... irritates me competely

  6. Very difficult to buy for someone else... Hope your secret Santa reads it ;-)

    I have made your advent calender, and are extremely impressed with how well it works! Thanks for sharing it! It helps get the Toddler moving in the mornings :D

  7. I am waiting very patiently for my blogger to post this very post and by the looks of it, she has no intention to post it.


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