Thursday, 8 December 2011

Much crazyness

Tomorrow this time, we will be having our annual office lunch, and in all honesty, it can not come soon enough. I am totally exhausted. On all levels, this year has taken it's toll. I have a few admin things to do and the odd request, for the rest I am doing a big tidy out in my office.

I have made a DVD for each child that was in class with the Princess for this year - a bit of (not so random) act of kindness spirit by me for the children and their parents who have contributed to make this year a very special one for our grade R's. I delivered those today. I also gave out teachers gifts to which I added some note books made by me and the Princess using a cupcake punch I took over from Marcia. Boy did we have fun ! I am so going to use this punch and make more of these notebooks (Thanks Marcia for the inspiration). Although the bigger "real" presents hit the spot with all of them, they all loved the handmade notebooks.

I am looking forward to doing some de-cluttering in the house next week, finally getting Christmas cards out (yes, they will be late) and seeing some friends I never get the chance to see during the year.Lucy is still working so she will mainly look after the kiddos. My dear Huberta car will also go in for her service. There wil also be plenty of prep work for the holiday and Christmas.

And the big thing! I still have to complete the photobook for my inlaws' Christmas present and totally make the one for my  mom!

I have also received the most stunning present from  my Secret Santa - thanks and how did you know that my mascara was close on empty? And for sure this is not under a R100! But I feel thoroughly spoiled and although I did not want more note books - that one I do want! It is beautiful!She has stuck plenty of Hello Kitty stickers on the parcel and it is  Joburg post so I do suspect two lovely bloggers in particular that took part in the project. In return, I have posted my gift - it was incredibly difficult for me as I could get no feel of what she will like - so I hope she at least likes what I got. I so do not want to be the one to disappoint.

And now I have 446 items in my Reader - eish, sorry guys - next week.


  1. I am sure every parent is going to love the DVD you made, it is so special.
    I better get a move on with my Secret Santa! Can't believe you have received your parcel already!

  2. Congrats on the DVD for everyone - where did you find the time!!!

    So glad you got a divine secret Santa gift - nothing like a bit of spoiling to make you feel loved.

    Yay to the holidays!

  3. What a cool idea regarding the DVD. You sure are good of heart to do so much effort for people.
    Glad you received something from your Secret Santa that you needed.

  4. I love those handmade notebooks...and a DVD??? That's awesome! I can only imagine those will be treasured by the families of A's classmates for a long, long time.

    Hope you enjoy your lunch and wrap things up nicely! :)

  5. We had our year end function today. Too much fun!
    And those are such awesome gifts!

  6. LOVE the new-look blog - such a gorgeous blog header pic - you all look so, so happy :)

    And I love all your projects - you see, that punch was meant for you - I was totally uninspired after my 3 things :)

    I most love that you did all these things with A - she must have been in heaven!

    YOu're SUCH a good mom.

  7. I love the new look. You are a very talented lady.

  8. wow!! LOVE the new look! Adorable family picture!

    What a wonderful gesture and gift to the children!

  9. Oooh, those books just look adorable!


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