Monday, 5 December 2011

It's been a while...

and I have 364 items in my reader.... but I will get to you, I promise. See, it's been a super busy but great weekend. Let's recap:
On Thursday the Princess had her Playball prize giving - she did really well. We also got a stellar report card ( I am super super proud!) from school and from the Playball and Netball instructors.
On Friday I took my "Birthday day off" and did my hair, went to yoga, had lunch with my mom and a friend of ours and in general had a great time. The evening we had the Princess' grade R graduation - we were so proud of her. It was a great little concert (they did a very funky little dance and song) with their official graduation following. Now it's onwards and upwards to grade 1.
On Saturday I joined the Zumba class followed by the Princess' class party where the whole family was invited. This was followed by a photoshoot (for which I do not hold much hope - I now know Little man L and studio lights does not align) and an early dinner with our buds S&L and the girls at Magnolia dell's Huckleberry's.

 And on Sunday I turned a year older, although I feel 30 never the less - some days I do feel at least 60 after very little sleep but I digress... My family thoroughly spoiled me and we changed our picnic plans to the Spur due to the weather. It was a quiet but good birthday- just what I wanted.

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes - on Facebook and Twitter and all. It really played it's part towards making it a great birthday.

A great weekend just Makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. A very happy birthday for yesterday! It sounds like you spent the day exactly how you wanted it.

    Good golly! 364 items in your reader, you are one busy lady :)

  2. I am a TERRIBLE friend! I remembered all the way up to Friday and then totally forgot once the weekend hit!

    Happy belated birthday :)

    Glad you had two lovely days of celebration.

    When is your groupon photo shoot?

  3. Happy Birthday for Yesterday, very glad to hear you enjoyed it!
    Really sounds like Annecke had an amazing year this year, she has grown so much!

  4. @marcia - The Saturday one was the Groupon shoot. Auch, yes,

  5. Happy Birthday!

    It's a little strange to see your little ones playing in the sprinkler when I had to break out my wool coat this morning.

  6. Love the pics. Such a proud mama moment hey?

    And so glad you had a wonderful birthday my dear xx

  7. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday...I should really take off on my bday aswell.

  8. Such precious moments ! I know all about being rather slow on the blog worries - glad to hear all is good and that you had a fab birthday!

  9. wow. that does sounds like a very full and exciting weekend !
    Congrats to Little Miss upon graduating. It's amazing how grown up her face is suddenly becoming. No more baby :(

    Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend!

  10. Happy Birthday my sweet friend from afar! May this year bring you endless joy and love.

  11. I just want to say your daughter is absolutely beautiful! You must be so proud of her :-)

  12. Gosh, what fantastic celebratory pictures....and knowing it all fed into YOUR sense of celebration means even more!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Cat!

    Happy Makes My Monday...thanks for linking up!

  13. Well done Princess! No better feeling than being a proud Momma!

  14. Happy BDay, although belated! It looks like a great weekend, and the Princess is really growing up now!

  15. Sorry I'm late in wishing you ... but I hope your birthday was stunning and that they year ahead is simply magical.
    Your little princess is just precious - good luck for Grade 1.


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