Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My dear Princess

This morning as you stumbled into our room, your little heart still fast asleep, mine jumped right into my throat! My, have you grown up with leaps and bounds this last year. Or maybe it just feels that way every year. This one is going to be big for us all - big school, uniforms, homework,  formal sports and all that goes with it. Mom is excited, but just a teeny bit scared - I guess like you are feeling too.

Mommy is so proud of you my darling - so proud about how much you care about others. How much love you have in your heart for people and animals - how you love your furry sisters too. I love it that you decided to share your big moment this morning and let your brothers each blow a candle with you.

I also love your independence - how you go on play dates without any fear or tears. How you love to help in the kitchen and how much effort you put into your own birthday cake and the party packs for your friends. Your enthusiasm is contagious - I will never forget how your eyes sparkled when we made the tie-dye shirts and invites for your friends for your party today.

Mommy feels truly blessed to have you as my daughter. I love you to the moon and back - as many stars in the sky and as many grains of sand as on the beach at Mtunizini.

Happy happy 7th Birthday! May your year be blessed beyond words.


  1. Stunning post...your little princess is growing so quickly. Happy Birthday little one.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your little girl.

    They grow up far too fast.

    May God be with you this year through thick and thin my friend.

    And happy happy birthday to A!

  3. What a lovely heartfelt post for your daughter. Happy Birthday to your Princess!

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful princess!

  5. Congrats on your daughter's 7th birthday.

  6. Happy happy birthday to her! They do grow up so quickly. Especially the oldest....

  7. Oh Happy happy birthday to your little girl:-) such a lovely lovely post!

  8. Happy Birthday, A!

    Is there a party post coming up? Hey! Now that I have pinterest, I need to pin her 6th bday party.

    I teared up at how beautifully you wrote to her - you are SUCH a fantastic mother.

  9. What a sweet, sweet tribute! And I loved some of the things you noted, particularly about how she let her little brothers help blow out her candles. You have a special little lady there, Miss Cat! Happy, happy birthday to her! And blessings to you on what I'm sure are an amazing seven years! :)

  10. Lovely lovely post!
    And what a beautiful girl she is!


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