Friday, 13 January 2012

Funny how the work year started so nice and slow...

just to burst out of its seams into full force yesterday. But a lot has happened this week and a lot has to happen.

Someone had her 7th birthday and had a lot of fun - for the first time ever having her party actually on her birthday. But more about that in a separate party post. I have to show off the cake though - it was such a headache for me but I am totally happy with how it turned out. She had this 70's hippy idea in her mind and we made tie-dye shirts as invites to all the friends, so I had to make a "flower poser" cake. She wanted flip flops, and then reminded me of our giant cupcake pan - so we made a giant flower power cupcake cake with a chocolate bottom and vanilla top(icing on top piped with two colours to look like tie dye). Cupcake bottom made of fizzers to make striped cup and flip flops made of foam and pipe cleaners. She helped all the way and loved her cake. The 7 out of flowers was totally her idea.

 Apart from her party we had the usual gifts and cupcakes for breakfast at home straight after waking up and a braai with granny the evening. 

And then I had my first mommy failure moment of the year. I forgot that the Boys' school opened with the private schools on Wednesday and while driving past it saw the cars and had a bit of a facepalm moment. Eish! So back to school 2012 for them was on Thursday and my, what a change from last year for L! Happy to go to school and even happier when I fetched them the afternoon.
I am doing a i365 photo a day from the iphone (or ipad) shared on instagram, twitter and facebook this year as #catjugglesi365 - I miss capturing those daily life shots.And so much easier now on iphone! But as some of you are not on one of them, I am also sharing it on Captured by Cat when I get the chance. Do pop over and have a look at our first week of the year.

And I have joined the ipad ranks - thanks to the office. The main project I will be working on for the next 18 months is going to be run from ipads so I need to get sorted with it. Lovely to icloud with my phone! Total integration if you want. Still waiting for my ipad sim though - seems Mweb business takes 5 to 7 days to produce such from and existing account, but I shall wait. I know that I will enjoy it for private use too mainly for reading stuff I suppose. Kindle looks great on the ipad.


  1. Love that cake and all the ideas she had to go along with it. Happy Birthday little one! I love her hair style too.

    I'm sure the boys weren't too upset they missed a day. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Great cake!

  3. Happy BDay to the Princess!
    That is a stunning cake! I would have been super impressed with myself if I had made such a cake! Well done!
    Glad it is going well at school for the boys!

    Thanks for all the comments ;-) I can't find your camping post with tips?

  4. This week has been absolutely crazy for me and its only tuesday morning.

    I am battling to get into a routine now that I am working again - need the schools to go back so that the routine can be set!

  5. I see she still has her front teeth here. Love the cake.


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