Thursday, 9 February 2012

Blast from the past post

Way back in September I did a few blast from the past posts, where I showed you some of my favorite posts from way back. I am resuming today and my, am I enjoying going over them and picking the best bits.

This one is one of those classic photos I will never forget. The boys were 5 months old at the time....go here.

So who else wants to join in remembering those old blogposts, way before we read each others blogs? SHall we do a linky. Who is interested?


  1. That photo is priceless. So cute!

  2. Cute!!!! I will give the blast from the past a go:-)

  3. Ooh that might be a cool thing to do. Especially considering I have 2 blogs - my old one and then the current one. It is great looking back sometimes.

  4. in theory I like it but I always have so much to say that I have a list permanently of about 10 things to blog :) so not much time for looking back.

    But if you had a theme to the going back, I'm in!

    1. Haven't thought about themes - I just started at the beginning and pick the ones that cath the eye, but let me think about it.

  5. oh my goodness..that is a priceless photo! really, it is.

  6. Cat...he is so cute. I can see why you loved that photo.


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