Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Halooo! yes, it's been a while....

Almost a week but believe me my friends in the computer/tablet/phone, I am very very busy. But, a quick catch up:
  • Work is hectic. I some days do not even realize that the morning is gone by the time it's 12! A big demanding but hugely intricate and satisfying project. There is really very little in our field that meets the adrenaline rush of retail architecture.
  • My iPad is amazing - I think it buys me about an hour to hour and a half's time every day. And you are just so much faster in referring on site and getting back on mails.
  • I had a tummy bug on Sunday night/ Monday. Lost time at work and left me still exhausted and I think dehydrated although I am taking more than my fill of re hydration products.
  • The Princess is finding her feet with grade 1 and so am I. The earlier to school times, the afternoon activities, tying her shoes for netball, the whole story.
  • She is fast learning about economics, both in terms of real money for tuck shop and in terms of trade via the sticker trading that takes place every day at after care.
  • On Friday it's grade 1 swimming gala and she is very excited about all that.
  • The boys are enjoying school and have started with Letterland. Harry Hatman and Annie Apple all over again. This week C took honey and L took a Mega blocks hen to school.
  • We are flying my MIL in to attend the Princess' ballet concert. They are both beyond excited. And you know I love having her around.
  • I am not getting to much blog reading or real book reading but am currently busy with "The hare with the amber eyes" in paper and "The Help" on kindle for iPad.
  • I have a real craving to create - but am too tired in the evenings. Maybe if this tummy thing is sorted I will get there?
So what's happening around your corner of the world?


  1. Seems like time is passing so quickly this year. i can't believe it!

  2. Lots happening. Feels like I can't keep up.
    Only thing I'm really looking forward to is getting my own Kindle in a few weeks. And btw...I LOVED The Help. Definitely one of my favourite reads of all time. enjoy.x

  3. Life is crazy here too. Nothing new but life keeps moving forward. Some days faster than others. We just had a wonderful mini vaca but other than that we're putting one foot in front of the other.

    Glad you're back.

  4. Traffic is hectic on this side. The weeks are just flying by, and it seems the student is settling in nicely at Uni. The Toddler loves her new school. Soi glad we made the change!

  5. Sorry you're running full-speed right now, but I love the feeling of an invigorating project.

    Have I ever shared that my dad is an architect? I grew up hanging over his shoulder, watching him draw. :) And hanging on my wall in my kitchen now, I have two pages of plans (scaled down) of the house I grew up in.

    I read The Help last summer, and loved it. I have *almost* decided I want to see the movie. I originally didn't think so, as I didn't want to "mess" with the characters as I built them in my mind...but I've heard it's great.

    1. Ni, I did not know. I bet architecture has changes so much. Highly hi- tec now and everything on computers

  6. Is the IPAD not the most wonderful thing...
    I so love mine...
    It goes every where with me
    This trip to CT going to leave my computer behind and only use the ipad...

  7. I'm glad that you find so much joy with you iPad. I'm not that big of a business woman, so the iPad with not something that will be so useful to me.
    Glad you and the princess are both finding your feet regarding the early mornings and primary school :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. My dear friend...I can see and hear how hectic life is...sometimes I wish I can stop the world and get off. Life is rushing by and I can't keep up.
    Hoping that you will find time in your hectic schedule to recharge and relax.

    Much love

  9. STOP :) but at least your work is exciting.

    I just realised when I saw your comment at Julia's that I read this post on the ipad and didn't comment because I can't STAND typing on that thing.

    The one thing I do enjoy is using it in meetings :) Also if people say we need to do this or that, " I email our PA and get her to set up the meetings immediately. That's very useful. As my boss said though, this is also possible with a laptop. BUT somehow ipads feel more culturally acceptable at the secret place I work :)

    1. Get yourself a stylus to type with and then see if you still hate typing on it.

  10. OH PS, thank you SOOO much for telling me about that Nav app. Kate directed me very confidently to my talk this evening and I didn't get lost! YAY!

  11. I am also feeling so much more in control of our school routine.

    And I am loving being in the shop because I get to create. There are days I unpack every bit of craft stuff I own onto the table and just create all day. It is fueling my soul :)


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