Thursday, 23 February 2012

Seems like meme time again

 Debi is one of my oldest blogging friends - hers is the second blog I ever really read (the first was Tertia's) as the expecting mom of twins. I see her as way more than a blogging friend - she is a real friend and has been for over 4 years.

She tagged me for this little meme:

The (bendable) rules:
You must post these rules.
Each person must post 11 things about herself on his/her blog. (I am skipping this - as she did and you can too)
Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You must choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
Go to each blogger’s page and mention that you have tagged

 The 11 questions Debi gave us to answer: (and boy can she ask difficult thought provoking questions):

1. Word association. I say “tender”, you say Steak! Ok, you can see I am craving a nice juicy matured rump steak 
2. What is the most important virtue you possess? Difficult one.I would say to multi task. I can seriously muti task and keep my mind about all the different tasks.
3. Favorite song and why? My favorite favorites are all classical pieces, but in popular music - "I can see clearly now" as sung by the Hot house flowers - not the Jimmy Cliff or Johnny Nash versions but this one with it's haunting piano. It just makes me all positive when feeling down. Where even on You Tube the original video seem to be lost so this is more for the music only

4. If you had to choose someone from the Bible that most closely represents you, who would it be? After a lot of thought I think Esther. I think courage and being forced to have courage is what I have been about for the last few years.
5. A quote or inspirational verse that you turn to when times are tough. Habakkuk 3:19 (NIV version here) The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.  We have a beautiful hymn that the kids love to sing from verse 17 to 19 and I sing it in my head when happy, when stressed, when sad.
6. What is your favorite recipe? My playdough recipe  it is truly the best play dough you will ever have and last for ages. A  simple variation on the usual one using gliserine that makes all the difference.. Reminding me I need to make some.
7. Most dramatic childhood memory.
The night my dad passed away. And the few days following that.
8. (for a school throw-back question) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? An Accacia Xanthophlea or Fever tree- part of the African thorn tree family. You see, they have those thorns everywhere that really hurts, but they provide shelter for a lot of small animals like birds, where the thorns prevent snakes from reaching their nests, shade for animals in the hot summer months and gum for the bushbabies and flowers and pods for the birds to eat. Elephant also loves their pods. And it is very very hardy and I love the lush green stem. It's a bit out of the ordinary.
9. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? The twin skin I can not get rid of, no matter how much weight and fat percentage I loose. (Keep in mind I had two babies of 3kg in there at a stage)
10. Coffee? Iced, frozen, hot or not? Any form, I am an addict. But my best is a nice foamy cappuccino.
11. A moment in time that changed your life? Meeting my hubby. Without him, my life would have been totally different.

The 11 questions I want answered:
  1. Name the one product in your kitchen you can not function without.
  2. If you can change your career decision, what would you like to be (disregard training, money etc- this is a dream job)
  3. What is your favorite toy (as in gadget, craft item, etc)
  4. What is your favorite book of all times? (or just choose one for now)
  5.  If you could give your 16 year old self one bit of advice only, what would it be?
  6. Chocolate or vanilla cake? And specifically what type.
  7. Meat, fish or chicken?
  8. On what would you spend R300 or 40US$ or the equivalent thereof as a spoil for yourself?
  9. Which building in the whole wide world do you think is beautiful or have captured your attention?
  10. If you could go on a dream holiday right now, no costs spared, to which one destination will you go and who will you take along? (no world tours allowed - one destination)
  11. If you were a flower, which one will you be. And why?
So, I decided to tag the last 11 people that left comments on my blog who are:

Kat in Africa , HeatherI'm so not a blogger (private blog), Blackhuff, Lea White, Fiona, Karen - Mom again@ 40, Alidaonline, Hayley, Shayne (private blog) and Marcia.

Thank you all to your loyal and regular comments.
And if anyone else wants to do this, just do it and tell me you have done so. I would love to go and read it.


  1. Thanks Cat! I played :-) I played and tagged you back

  2. Thanks:0 I played and tagged you back. I think you just need to answer the questions this time.

  3. LOL I loved the questions you had to answer so I'll share mine with you here

    Tender... Love me tender.....
    Virtue - my integrity
    Favourite song - Honesty :) by Billy Joel or Piano Man or Innocent Man :)
    Character from Bible - John the Baptist because he was so straightforward and to the point LOL
    Verse I love - "His mercies are new EVERY morning" - because no matter how horrible the day is, tomorrow is a NEW DAY! God's promised :)
    Fave recipe - chicken with cashew nuts

    and I wish wish WISH I had my lovely thin thighs and tummy back. Sigh.

  4. Love these, and yes tagged you back, couldn't resist sorry!!!

  5. I was tagged by Debi too...but thought i'd answer your questions here, too! :-)

    1. My husband! ha! he is a wonderful cook.
    2. I'd own a children's book store.
    3. my Droid phone or my iPad
    4. The Great Gatsby
    5. Have more self confidence.
    6. Chocolate - especially Bill Knapps - an old restaurant that made wonderful cakes
    7. All of the above? Love a good steak, whitefish or shrimp and I love chicken, too! can't choose! I could never be a vegetarian! ha!
    8. I'd spoil myself with a spa day - massage and facial and pedicure!
    9. The Sydney opera house
    10. Hawaii with my hubby!
    11. Tulip - tall, strong, simple and elegant!

    LOVE these questions!!

  6. Thanks for the tag :-). I'll have to give your questions some thought!

  7. Cool post. Am also craving a decent steak, haven't had red meat in ages!

  8. Lovely questions....Would love to see your answers to them...Lots of love..

  9. Such a cool meme!!! Damn I hate that I can't comment on your blog from work :(


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