Thursday, 16 February 2012

You can stay in the car....

....she said on Monday morning, waving a kiss over her shoulder as she walked to the school gate all on her own. I watched her through the fence until she dropped her bag in front of her class and jopined a group of girls doing handstands . This is the grade 1 girl that cried that first morning, that did not want to let go of mom. In just 3 and a half short weeks her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I feel rather nostalgic, but very proud.

We have also reached the end of another era. A few weeks ago after a big garage clean out we took every single bit of baby stuff we had and donated it to Hospice. We took some of the good stuff to one of the second hand baby shops but after being offered R150 for a perfect high quality camping cot we decided to rather donate it and let some good come from it for others. And then. last week one of Hunter's field guiding friends had twins - an unexpected no 4 and 5 to the number of kids. We decided to give them our much used but still good twin stroller (btw it is a Maclaren twin stroller and my, I loved it and it served us so well). Now all things baby is removed from our house. For walks, we use the soap box cart that my FIL made for us, the Princess rides her bicylcle, and in the shops, we are well trained in shopping cart use by now.

And so we grow and thrive. Well, most of the time.
So blogging friends,  following on my Blast from the Past post last week, it seems we could have the beginnings of a linky or such. So, say every second Thursday every body that is interested will be invited fro a Blast from the Past post where you link back and show us one of your old posts, that we might never have seen. So, for next Thursday the 1st of March, lets do this: Go back to the first March that the blog you want to link existed, find your favorite post from that month, and link it. I will keep the link open for a whole week.


  1. She is getting so big - it's both lovely and a bit sad.

    What is sadder is getting rid of ALL the baby things.

    I'l still trying to sell some stuff and then I'll donate to our church's orphanage.

    I need to sell my twin pram too - we haven't used it for about 6 months (except to play in :)

    ANd YES, the linky sounds good - I like the structure of March :)

  2. So wonderful when kids grow like this - makes it easier for the parent as well because seeing them cry, break the heart.
    New beginnings sound good.

  3. Glad she has settled in :)

    Those clean outs are good for the soul in a way :)

  4. I love the photo of the boys in the cart!
    Yip linky on Thursday is a good idea.
    And me oh my, but they do grow up fast don't they?

  5. End of an era indeed...I always say too my hubby, that I am sure time flies by even faster when you have kids....because its all about milestones, and reaching them.

  6. Kinda sad t let all the baby things go... I am also clearing on my side!

    Jippiee! Excited about the linky!

  7. They grow up so quickly hey? ;-)

  8. It must feel so good to see your princess so happy to go to school. DS and DIL also got rid of all things baby and now they have no3 on the way.

  9. Every time we get rid of baby stuff, we find out we're having another...

  10. They say they grow up so fast...but we never realize how true it is until its our own. I'm so glad she's doing so well!


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