Tuesday, 17 April 2012

When the school rings

On Friday afternoon just as I was busy doing a blogpost about our little project during my lunch time( see tomorrow) , my phone rang, showing that number, you know the one that immediately charges your heart beat to 150 bpm with no exercise involved. The boy's school number. I just knew.

It turns out that Mr L had somehow managed to cut his forehead open and it was rather deep - deep enough to go to the doctor. So I quickly rang our GP and confirmed they could help us, then picked him up at school and went straight to the doctor. My, was he a brave boy - no crying, just a whimper or two as it was cleaned and fixed with strips. It turned out to be small but rather deep. So he got a nice plaster over to match his brother's ( see yesterday's photos) who fell at school on Tuesday right in front of me as I picked them up. When we picked up C later he showed us at the Wendy house where he hurt himself on a nail sticking out a bit. The school had it fixed first thing this morning.

So, matching twin war wounds.

BTW - Our server has been a tad cumbersome this morning -this whole post with photos was done with the Blogger app on the ipad


  1. Poor little guys. Hope they heal quickly.

  2. Ouchie!!!! Send him all the ♥♥♥♥

  3. Yip...when that school number comes up it's always bad news. For us it usually means a 40'C temperature.

    How strange is it that they got there injuries in more or less matching spots?! ;-)

    My mom has a set of identical girl cousins. They didn't see each other for a few years because the one got married to an abusive @sshole. When they finally met up again they were wearing the same outfit!

    1. This is our very first twin co incidence we ever had. They do not even like to dress the same, apart from their WP fan shirts or Springbok shirts. (they both have one of the shirts they had on on Saturday but never wear them at the same time.)

  4. Well done for a stunning post via an App on your iPad. You did really well.
    I so know that feeling where you see the school's number - I had a "heartstop" situation last year when my son was taken to hospital via the ambulance from school. So I know ...
    That's a deep cut - shoe!

  5. Strange that they get the same wounds...
    Glad that it was not serious!

  6. Sjoe. I also get a mini heart attack when I see the schools number on my phone. Poor guy. x

  7. There are a handful of numbers that appear on my cell during work hours that sends my heart beating 100 bpm. The school is definitely one of them! I'm glad it was nothing too serious. BTW they definitely have the whole twin thing going on now with cuts on the same side of their face :)

  8. Oh goodness! Shame man!!! I also hate those calls!!

  9. I have heard that accidents can happen like this and that with twins they both get hurt...but this is the first time I actually SEE it. Hope they heal well and quickly.

  10. Oh, Cat...my heart skipped a beat just reading the beginning of this post!

    Glad it wasn't more serious.

    And I can't help but half-laugh...there must be something to the "twin thing"...perhaps it was some kind of kismet that the boys *had* to have matching boo-boos! ;)

  11. Ouch!! What a coincidence in the timing.

  12. oh... I know that feeling. I have a different colour flash on my phone for the kids schools... so when I'm treating patients, I can see if its the school ringing. My heart sinks if it is. Hope little men get better soon :0

  13. I am so glad they are both OK. We had a similar gash on C's head last summer (hit on a rock wall at daycare) and 3 stitches - he screamed through the whole thing. A had a smaller wound but it did not require any stitches, thank goodness. Definitely one of the scarier things about being a parent.


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