Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A freezingly cold weekend.

In all honesty, although a lot happened this weekend, I will mainly remember it for the cold. And I did tell you I wanted to bake, and yes, baking I did.

But, let's recap, mainly in photos:

Friday night was spent munching home made pizzas and watching a DVD with the family. (I buy dough at Spar and make pizzas)

I baked chocolate muffins for breakfast
  The kids ended up getting huge cabin fever and I was fearing an episode of sibling murder. I have once again realized that we are certainly neither geared nor used to extremely cold weather. So when we dropped off the Princess at a party at 11 (stylishly dressed below in warm winter garb), I took an emergency detour to the Spur with my boys (the plan was our little market but it was way too cold)
Returning from the Spur in time to prepare for our friends (Hunter had a me-time morning) this was the temperature:
Blurry shot, I know, and not cold for a lot of my overseas friends, but freezing for us for a mid day temperature.We stopped at our local Spar for some braai goodies and got plenty of smiles - looking at my boys at the checkout I realized why! They can be so bloody cute all dresses in Springbok grear

We then had our family friends S&I and the girls over for the first Springbok rugby match of the season and a braai. The boys insisted on some SA national pride sporting their Boks shirts and a painted flag each. And the Boks won! Take it England!

Bake no 2 for the weekend happened for desert that night - my mom's apple pie. A fairly well known recipe but my mom always make it.
On Sunday morning it was possibly even colder - the wind chill factor must have brought the temperature way down and only Hunter and the Princess went to church. The boys and I stayed in, the kids all had a short nap and Hunter made a divine Blouwildebees potjie which our friends came to enjoy at 4pm on Sunday - they left before 7 so it was fine for a "school night". The kids were in bed right on time .

This time I baked my 3rd treat for the weekend - traditional Malva poeding - also my mom's recipe. Possibly the quintessential South African desert.
I loved baking so much this weekend - it was really great, not only eating it, but seeing others enjoying it.

Anybody need the recipes? And did you bake or cooked something great this weekend? How was your weather?

Edited to add (and proove Marcia's point): Temperature this morning: (see the little snowflake next to the temperature?)


  1. That apple pie you made... I did not know of it until I met my hubby and his mom gave me that recipe. It's very delicious though but something I don't make anymore because it's unfortunately one of my trigger foods and for hubby as well.
    Love that malva pudding you made. Made one just like that the weekend before this past weekend.
    Yes, although our temperatures are not the same as overseas, it's still darn cold for us South Africans .... brrrr.

  2. oh my, oh my! I am DROOLING at the apple pie and malva pudding.

    I'm going to invite you and your pudding over for lunch one weekend, okay? (no joke!)

    And yes, your kids are ADORABLE - plus those boys know how to "work it" :)

    I MUST take my camera tomorrow and take a pic of the morning temps - 2 and 3 degrees.......

    1. I actually took one this morning - adding it to the above.

  3. That malva poeding looks divine! I lost my recipe> I would love to have one again?
    I could look it up in "Kook en Geniet", but it wouldn't be the same!

  4. Yip! Looks familiar. My car also has a little snowflake. It's officially freezing!!!

  5. Please can I have the apple pie recipe it looks divine. I love a weekend of baking. You have inspired me to bake this weekend and put some of my recipes up on my blog.

  6. Thanks Cat...you have made me so hungry

  7. Ooh sounds delish! Please could I have your malva pudding recipe? I love it but have never ever made it...
    Keep warm!

  8. I would love the Malva pudding recipe - and apple pie. I have just discovered a love of baking in the past couple of years, but most of the time stick to biscuits.

  9. Ahhh..Malva is my favourite FAVOURITE. I would love to try that apple one. Can you please post/email me that recipe?

    ps...it is BLOODY freezing. I am even too cold to blog!

  10. We've taken your heat here...it was about 96 F here today. HOt, HOT, HOT! The kids had tball this morning and I felt bad they had black tshirts - they were so sweaty and bright red when done playing their hearts out.


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