Friday, 8 June 2012

Some random stuff

Hey, how have you all been? Yes, I have been quiet but really, life is hectic at the moment. So, some bullet points for the Friday:

  • I went to the school's open day and they kept the 2013 grade R parents back to explain the new system - in place in our school and several others next year but by law in 2014. So yes, we will technically have 3 kids in Primary school next year. It almost feels as if someone had "stolen" a year of my boys' childhood. However, we were assured that they will still be treated as the 5 year olds they are and will not wear school clothes just yet. 
  • I am totally happy that they will have many of the Primary school privileges - amongst that chess as part of the Curriculum from grade R now and will participate in the Revue next year.
  • I at last have picked up on the kids' cold for the first time this winter - I am fighting it with Septogard and early to bed times. I am hoping that, like the Princess, mine will be very short lived.
  • It is very cold at the moment and I hear tomorrow we will have a maximum of 13 degrees C. I know, for some of my non SA readers this seems warm - for us this is bloody cold. 
  • Hunter is now a Gautrain regular to and from work - I love how for the first time ever we have clean, safe and reliable public transport. 
  • Tomorrow is the first Springbok rugby match for the season - we will support our Boks. I have manged to find T shirts for the kids who have all outgrown last season's. Actually we have used them for the last two seasons.
  • Work is hectic - I do not seem to get on top. Enough said.
  • I really feel like crafting something, or baking something. Just making something.
  • I realized today that in just 2 weeks we will be heading for a blissful week in KZN. Which also means that we have only 2 weeks of school left for this term.
  • Before then I have to get the boys' admission forms in and all Mr L's reports etc together.
Best I get working again! Have a great weekend.


  1. It may actually be easier having them all at the same place BUT then you better hope all their extra muruals are on the same day :) - lol otherwise it becomes a logistical nightmare.

    I am off to Cape Town mid July and CAN NOT wait :)

    1. What's great about the school and the aftercare is that everything is on site and the kids get sent to it. So that's not an issue

  2. your school sounds perfect..... perfect..... we want C to go to a school but it's for boys and their so-called sister school is a private school that charges about R80 000 for the year! Yes. That's never going to happen so the search continues. I'm a bit torn between putting them both in another school or having them separate (this other school is PERFECT for Connor's personality :))

    Yay to you for the holiday coming up.

    Less than 6 weeks til I go................... SHEESH!

  3. Exciting! We are doing a year of Transitional Kindergarten next year and then Kindergarten (I think equivalent to "R" the following year.) It will be nice to have both boys in the same school so I can relate to you on that!

  4. Oooh I LOVED my Gautrain experience. Must be AWESOME to have that every single day!
    I hope that you get to take it easy and bake something this weekend.At least it's min dae till you get a bit of a break.
    Am also feeling a bit under the weather. Am going to get into bed and watch series and knit a bit now.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I have also been crazy at work which means I'm totally out of touch with reading my favourite blogs.

    Wow 3 kids in Primary school! That's certainly going to be fun but I'm sure once you get into the swing of things it's going to be great fun :)

  6. Hope you're feeling better now, and I saw some baking in my stream so it looks like you've done what you set out to do :)

  7. I'm glad you feel a bit more relaxed about next year and that they don't need to wear an uniform. My daughter won't have to wear a uniform as well next year, which makes me smile as a school skirt is R250+!!!
    Yes, I too think it's ultra cool that we now have clean, reliable public transport.

  8. Hope the cold went by quickly - the health kind and the weather. We're getting a very hot summer so far and I'm loving it. I'm hoping to do some work in the garden this evening and I'm in a baking mood too. I think I'm going to do blueberry muffins!

  9. Sorry for the late read....only catching up now. I am soooo jealous of your blissful week in

  10. I baked a quick and easy cake this weekend ... I needed to do something and of the lot, it was the quickest way to satisfy the need to create.
    It was coooollllld huh! Yip, living in Europe, the below freezing digits can be insane, but once you're used to our weather, cold is cold and its dry which makes it very different.
    Hope you manage to get caughty up on your work.

  11. Have quickly had a catch up read.....this Photography course and all my own internet stuff has kept me soooo busy....
    Love hearing all bout my * Future Miss South Africa * ;0


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