Friday, 27 July 2012

It's the weekend!

And really, it could not have come any sooner. Olympics weekend! The second Olympics during the life of my blog, coming to think of it. So I am planning to attempt to stay awake for the opening - take note, attempt.

Anyways, I have only touched on last weekend and before this one start, let me give  ashort run down:

Friday night saw me and the DH at a wonderful food and wine evening at Blu Saffron restaurant. The wines were stunning - Hermanuspietersfontein (with the most wonderful Afrikaans names). Hunter loved the Swartskaap (a Cabernet Franc) and I , unusual for me because I usually love red wines, adored the Bloos, a Bordeaux style blush wine. The company was great (work related for me) and the food was super. I had a tomato and basil soup for a starter while Hunter loved the Canadian Salmon. We both had their divine duck in mandarin sauce for main course and I had old fashioned bread and butter poeding while Hunter enjoyed berry cheese cake for dessert. It was a great adult night out and a real treat. I would really recommend both  the restaurant and the wines.

Saturday was party day for the boys and I took the two Spidermen for a Spiderman party. The Princess went with Oumie to a Swiss puppet show at the Brooklyn Theatre, our local little theatre.

My mom's orchid is in full bloom again and looks stunning. I have a string in the house.
They had such a  great party with a very clever party mom. On the tables were all sorts of salty snacks - nuts, chips, pretzels, biltong etc and no sweet in sight. Not a single kid asked for a sweet! Then the kids got Boerierolls (sausages in bread rolls) and the adults braaivleis and salads. Then they had a clown show.

I have to share a proud mommy, but very funny moment here. The clown asked the kids "What are the magic words?" (meaning abracadabra). L, my quiet kid piped up immediately and very loudly: "Please and Thank You!". Everybody had a great laugh and he was so proud while one of the moms asked me what our secret was to raise well mannered kids. Gosh, I was so proud too. The clown was not taken a back one minute, she explained that those are certainly the most magic of words to use in every day life, but when we want to create magic, it's abracadabra - Pepsi! And you need to jump on the Pepsi. (the clown's name is Pepsi)

The birthday boy and the clown

The very spectacular (and tasty) birthday cake was brought out and we all had a piece of cake. After that the jumping castle was the main feature and only when we left, the mom apologized for giving our kids sugar and handed a party pack - filled with - popcorn, cheese naks, a juice , a lollipop and 2 chew sweets. Jip, a low sugar mom - loved that. The kids had so much fun without all that sweet stuff. I am not sure however that I will manage that with my kids at their ownb partes because they are so used to sweets at parties.

Love this shot of C in full Spiderman mode on the jumping castle.

Saturday night was an early and relaxed one at home. Sunday was the usual church and palying after in the garden. We had a light lunch of hot dogs and had the most wodnerful of Sunday afternoon naps - we all slept, over 2 hours! After we woke up we decided to reward great afternoon naps with an early dinner at the Spur.

It was a great weekend - what are you plannig for this one?


  1. Please and thank-you...that is fantastic! I love how he piped up right away, too!

    Your dinner sounds amazing. We really had some good food in Charlotte...such a nice treat. I had wine one evening, and a great draft beer another...a big treat, too. :)

    We don't have any real plans this weekend. We're still settling back in from travel, so I'm sure we'll take it pretty easy. Hope you have another great - and relaxing! - one!

  2. AAwwww....please and thank you. I LOVE it! That restaurant sounds fantastic. I'll file it at the back of my mind for when I'm on that side of the world again.
    This weekend we only have plans to visit some friends of ours - they also have a special little boy and have invited us over to talk schooling and for a potjie. Support goes both ways and I just LOVE spending time with them. I am planning one of those long, long, long Sunday naps that you speak of.

  3. Wow! That was a busy one - like ours this week-end! Madame Zingara tonight, Christmas in July tomorrow AND a wedding in the afternoon! Good Golly!

  4. Looks like a lovely party :)

    I got given an orchid for my new office/craft room - was from my mom-in-law and I killed (UNINTENTIONALLY) the tree she gave us so hope I can keep this alive!!

  5. You've got to know I LOVE the please and thank-you... and I love the phrase you use, a low-sugar mom. That's what i'm going to call myself :)

  6. That fascinator looks stunning :)
    Bwahaha and love the please and thank you :) clever kids!!

  7. I think I would burst of pride if my pink terrorist said the same about the magic words. Well done! :-)

  8. That "please & thank you" is so cute. Can imagine why you have been so proud about it :)
    Love how cute your little boys look in those Spiderman costumes

  9. My fav is The Total awe pic - absolutely stunning.

    Isn't it great when we get affirmation of our good parenting in such a round about but meaningul way?

    2 hr naps - whoohoo. I think mine is going to have one of those this arvi xx

  10. Yeah for good manners! The dinner out sounds great! We had a night out while on vacation and hubby had a great crispy duck for dinner. I was quite jealous of his meal (although my fish was excellent, too!)

  11. Yeah for good manners! The dinner out sounds great! We had a night out while on vacation and hubby had a great crispy duck for dinner. I was quite jealous of his meal (although my fish was excellent, too!

  12. Please and Thank You. How great is that. And you have one pretty fashionista in the making in you Princess.

    Looks like it was fun filled weekend through and through...


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