Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Princess' favorite things

I thas been a while, well back in October last year, that I did a "favorite things" with the kids. Then I saw Jenty did it again so remembered about it. I took all the questions I did last time and then she added a few of her own.
DVD: Sound of music, Wizard of Oz , Mary Poppins, Annie and Never Ending Story  staying with the musicals
Meal: Braaivleis she is a meat baby and quiche a recent discovery at granny's
Fruit: Mango &  litchi
Vegetable: Red and yellow peppers, baby carrots, baby corn and coctail tomatoes. All eaten raw and preferred above fruit in her lunch box
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and toast and wheat bix flakes
Drink: Mango juice and hot chocolate
Drinking yogurt flavour: Ganadilla or strawberry
Sweets: Liquorice allsorts or those peanut sweets
Chips/crisps: Cheese naks
Toy:  Top Model books and Lego
Colour: Khaki green or so she says??.
Her additions:
Animal: Rhino - she is incredibly drawn to the fight for our rhinos. She is passionate about saving them
Sea animal: Dolphins, killer whales and great white sharks.
Bird: Penguins
iPad app: Angry birds
Leappad app: Pet Pad
Book: "Mia se ma " and National Geographic magazines - not the kiddies ones - old back issues of the original magazines
Song: Payphone by Maroon 5 and Rolling in the deep by Adele
Extra mural activity: Ballet, drama and hockey. Actually she says she also likes art and swimming annd netball- I see a busy life ahead
Current obsession: Egyptology

I love to do these with the kids - little reminders of how things change. So who is up to doing it too?


  1. I'm going to do this too :) So cool.
    I'm glad that your daughter is so passionate about saving the Rhinos. We all should follow her example.

  2. This is very cool - I'll see how many questions I can get answers for too.

  3. This still is my all time favourite kind of posts. I wish I did them with my children.

  4. Aww love that she's loving musicals!! Glad you've done it again :)

  5. OMG! I too love Maroon 5 :-) And currently 'Payphone" is my favourite....


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