Monday, 6 August 2012

Our life in 365 on Instagram - end June/first week of August

So, what was your weekend like? We had a rather good one apart from two boys that really had it in for each other late yesterday afternoon. But let me share the past week with you.

Day 13/365 Tuesday 31/7/12 Tour to the //HAPO building - full post here.

Day 14/365 Wednesday 1/8/12 I attended the opening of Pretoria's GAP store - full post here.

Day 15/365 Thursday 2/8/12 The string of orchids my mom gave me catches the morning sunlight at about 6:50am.

Day 18/365 Sunday 5/8/12 The school had a family picnic to raise funds for our pool at the Voortrekker monument. Full post to follow but love this picture.
I also have to share a few that made it onto Instagram but not as THE photo of the day.
Our beautiful first born girl - almost 11 years and still have the energy of a puppy , well almost.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day to day life. So how was your weekend?


  1. Love how she interpretate you in the gym :) LOL!

  2. Lovely photos! Love the ones of the Monument and of your doggie.

  3. Hahahaha @ the yoga impersonation. It looks like a really awesome weekend.

  4. Looks like a great weekend. I also love that pic of the Voortrekker Monument! (it really works with Instagram)

  5. these. Especially the yoga pose and the orchid. I was googling last night if one gets Instagram for Nokia. Apparently you do so I best do my homework ASAP. Hope I get it right!

  6. Awesome pics, your kids are great! Absolutely in love with your orchid photo, makes me sad that mine got overwatered in the rain outside and died. Need to get a new one soon!!

    Sue X

    1. I am no good with orchid plants either - that's my mom's domain, I just enjoy the stems she gives me.

  7. What, there's a GAP in my hometown? And I didn't know! I better get back into the capital ASAP!

  8. What an interesting week! LOVE Miss Yoga! :)

  9. I envy you that you are doing yoga - I miss it so badly :-( Love the pic of your gorgeous princess!! Your children are so beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous pics! Love your daughter's yoga pose!


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