Friday, 3 August 2012

National pride

South Africa is on a total high today after winning our third gold medal at the Olympics last night. It might not seem much for my overseas readers, but taking into account we won one silver in Beijing this is just fantastic. Add to that that only one of the wins (Cameron van den Burgh) was predicted and it makes it so much sweeter.

I just love the video of Chad le Clos' dad Bert - pure parenting proudness. But it is the commentators that really have me fascinated with all the mistakes they make in their excitement. Here in SA we generally hear the British commentators but I has a chance to hear the American commentary on the Le Clos race yesterday morning. Gosh, it was funny- as Chad won she said, "Oh and Michale Phelps makes a huge mistake"  And that's it - not someone else won very deservingly because he was the best on the day. To Phelps' credit after his very visible disappointment just after the race in the pool, he snapped back to be the perfect gentleman and looser (well, in my books a silver at the Olympics is anything but a looser). In an interview on the radio yesterday morning Bert le Clos told South Africa that Michael Phelps is the best mannered lad he has ever met and that his mom has raised him so well. Now that is the Olympic spirit.

Even more of a surprise was our coxless 4 rowers - somewhere along the line the commentator gets confused between South Africa (an outright surprise) and Australia (a possible winner) and commentates most of the way in the race accordingly .To his own surprise he realizes as the race completes that it is in fact South Africa that won and not Australia and you can hear the shock in his voice..

Steering on with the national pride idea, I think we have produced a building that deservedly needs it's place in the international Architectural scene.

On Tuesday morning I was privileged to be able to go on an architects only pre view of the new //HAPO exhibition space/museum being completed at Freedom park. It is a building that has sparked a lot of talk in South Africa and will only open to the public later this year. So I will share just a few pictures with you.

A very photogenic building and I would suggest a visit once it opens. From what we could see of some of the exhibits they were busy with it will be exciting and interactive with a children's garden and story tellers to lead you through. If you are in any way a photographer, do go - it is extremely photogenic.

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  1. I agree with you, a very photogenic building indeed.
    I am also so proud to be a South African after all the medals that have been won at the Olympics. Although we are 10th on the overall list for the medals, we still rock with the ones we have won.

    1. I think 10th int he world is fantastic - we are above Japan, Australia and Nieu Zeeland!

  2. That's a very pretty building.

    The American commentary is so ridiculous. They've done that with other athletes, too. I wish they could just focus on being happy for whoever won!

  3. I have some pet peeves too but mine are more about how people think not a medal is insignificant./ OH MY WORD.

    Anyway, am very very proud of our South African golds - actually anyone who made it to compete.

    I have a blog in me about Suzanne van Biljon - wow, she has amazed me!

    1. I am also rather baffled by someone saying - oh he/she only came 8th! Heavens, to the the 8th best in the whole wide world is fantastic! Just to be there is great.

  4. Can't wait to see the building at Freedom Park

  5. Looking forward to tonights race! I love the good sporting spirit! Well done boys!

  6. Goodness me but I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Chad's Dad. Warms my heart and it's just BEAUTIFUL to see how proud he is of his son. Must say the commentary is rather disappointing. And I do think that Michael Phelps is a classy, gracious "loser".

  7. Loved watching Chad le Clos race. Happy for your country!!

  8. I watched that live as its the official Olympic channel ( we have uk tv here in Germany )
    Chad's Dad was so proud he was bursting :)
    Germany is also doing so well in the Olympics, whenever we lose against them, I get my nose rubbed in!
    It's awesome for South Africa, I share in the pride and joy!

  9. What an awesome building!

    And on the Olympic note, my husband - originally from former Yugoslavia - actually struggles a bit to watch the games. When he was growing up, anyone who made the Olympic team was a hero...and they were remembered forever if they medaled. Here, we send 500-some odd athletes...very few people even know them, aside from the front runners like Phelps. I still love the games, as it's all I know, but it's hard for my hubby to get into them, with the way many Americans count overall medals and such.

    I'm glad to hear Phelps was so gracious. Despite the trouble he got into a couple of years ago, he seems like a nice young man.

  10. That is one amazing looking building! I saw your Instagram photo and am glad you have more on your blog.

  11. Comment that almost got deleted from Mrs FF
    The building is beautiful. I have to see it once it is opened to the public...

    Don't even get me started on the commentators at the rowing and the Chad Le Clos wins... And each time I see re-runs of both events I get more upset. Wonder why they couldn't fanthom Chad winning because he was just better than Phelps in that particular event and saying Chad won because Phelps made a 'rookie mistake'. And the rowing commentator who kept saying Australia was vying for the gold when it was obvious that it was SA, there's a difference between no 5 (SA) and no 6 (Aug). Can you tell I was irked :(

    Plus the commentators seem shocked that the medal winners sing along to the anthem. I'm more shocked that the others don't sing along. It's all about national pride :)


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