Friday, 10 August 2012

The magic happens outside your comfort zone

Hunter and I did a deal with Lucy to work on Woman'sday and to then have today off. This gave the two of us the chance to spend a "date day" together very close to the anniversary of our engagement 12 years ago and her the chance to go home for a nice long weekend. The Princess was at a Technology course while the boys spend the day with Lucy.

The two of us had the most fantastic day- we started off by going to gym together- something we never get to do . I was planning to do a yoga class while he would go to a spinning class- both of us in our comfort zone types of exercise. Well, the roster was a bit upside down with the public holiday and after encouragement by H I made a split moment decision and went to
my very first spinning class. Spinning has always looked so totally intimidating to me, and gosh yes, it is tough going but I am super happy to say that I made it through the whole class and although I am really sore today I will do it again. Magic!

After that we ran some errands, did some shopping and then had a lovely lunch at a small Greek restaurant. I do love stepping out of the franchise, well known comfort zone eating places too and try somethibg new and Cafénio in Colbyn did not disappoint. It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time and we had such a lovely relaxing time chatting away and enjoying my free Womansday cuppacino . Magic!

A final rounding off is that we managed to get the boys to naps and we all had a gorgeous afternoon nap before I picked up the Princess at friends of ours.

A wonderful wonderful day I will cherish for a long time. Have you ever done a whole " date day"? I will certainly recommend it.


  1. That sounds amazing. We always have a rushed date night, but this sounds like an awesome plan!

  2. Sounds fantastic! Hubby and I didn't have a "date" until the girls were close to 18 months old. I learned quickly that it didn't have to be anything fancy...just time away, together, is enough. Love that you had the whole day to enjoy things like going to the gym and shopping together. :)

    We've never had more than two hours together, though. I don't know what we'd do with a whole day! ;)

    Happy Engagement Anniversary to you!

  3. These are my favourite kinds of date times!!! I love spending time with David and its great if we can do it outside of dinner and a movie!!!

    Your day sounds awesome!

  4. Date Day sounds like it was wonderful, so nice just to spend time together

    I went to high tea at The One & Only for a friends 40th birthday party, it was so much fun and we got champagne for Womens Day too. So much cake and yummy stuff

  5. Sounds like the perfect day! Oh word I miss spinning... we used to do that together, but no time for that anymorel

  6. Date days are the best!! We're about due for one soon...its been a while! Glad you had such a great day together!

  7. That sounds fantastic! I have done date days in the past, but I doubt I would be able to do one post pink terrorist.

  8. Sounds amazing!!!

    Happy Engagement Anniversary

    Spinning, I like but the after effect my aches for days. I concluded the saddle/seat is not made to accommodate my size ;)

    Hope you had a nice and restful weekend

  9. Have to say, it sounds like a Wonderful Day!

  10. You know, hubby and I have no reason not to go on date nights / days! Our girls are grown up now, but we never seem to make the effort. We always have someone else come along and it turns into a group date! :) We really should make an effort and take a leaf out of your book! Glad you had a good time - I LOVE Greek by the way!

  11. That place looks amazing! Where in Colbyn is it?

    1. Hi Tracey - just off the corner of GOrdon and Thompson street in Thompson street.

  12. Sounds like the perfect day!!

    Will have to try the restaurant out - we love Greek food.

  13. What an awesome day: Sweet is your love and noble is your heart

  14. Sounds fantastic! Can't remember when I went on my last date, never mind a whole freaking day date! Lucky girl!!


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