Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday stuff

So I am back at work today, for the morning only to try and catch up on some work left undone over the last two days. Thank goodness for wonderful staff and co workers and the trusty ipad, keeping me in touch with the most urgent of emails.

But let me give you a rundown of what's happening:

  • Today is the birthday of my BFF in Oz - I miss you so much my dear H. What about coffee and cake at Isabella's at 1? Amazing how you always knew that a friend is precious but that you only realize how deep that feeling runs when they are too far to share that coffee and cake with you.

  • It is also the birthday of my friend Mieks that tragically passed away at the age of 39 now 4 years ago. Her facebook profile still exist and it bring a huge lump in my throat to see how many of us still congratulate her every year.

  • The party planning for the boys is going full steam ahead and most of the shopping has been done. Now I need to pack bags, make cakes and do the theme stuff.. I was caught a bit off sides by Mr C - I presumed they would both like the nice rocket cake (similar to the invite) I planned but alas, no! He informed me that he wants a solar system cake and proceeded to draw the solar system for me as an example. After a lot of weighing of options and talk we settled on a planet cake, and he choose his favorite planet, Uranus for his cake (who has a favorite planet, I mean really?). Anyway, it has to have exactly the right amount of rings and moons so I will have to make sure my research is 100% for my very particular Bear. Mr L of course loves the idea of a rocket cake. So it seems we have the perfect party theme to make both boys very happy. I have also managed to find sherbet for the party - the one thing they both asked for. (Last year it was those party blowers - they drive me mad so I am very happy it is only sherbet).

  • We have a plan in conjunction with the school for next year for our Lion. I am very happy with the way our school has treated the whole situation after initially being irritated with their insistence on evaluating him. I have to sort one or two details out next week and then I will tell you all. Suffice to say that I am more sure than ever that even before we knew we chose the right school for him by choosing the same one for our Princess. The Lord has wonderful ways of providing before you even knew you needed to be provided for.

  • Cameron van den Burgh visited the Princess' school last week (with a few other schools in Pretoria). He talked to them about winning, persevering, living your dreams and about doing your best, although it might not be the best there is. The Princess was delighted with her silver certificate for art in the arts festival (awarded the same day) although a friend won gold - do you think we have a break through? Maybe the lesson from and Olympian made sense? He greeted every kid personally - I am totally impressed with this young man who on Tuesday returned to the school to open the school's revamped pool.
  • As to weekend goals, well, I have one only - enjoy the peace and quiet of a weekend away with friends in the bush. I hope you enjoy your long weekend ( for the overseas girls - we have a public holiday on Monday celebrating the diverse heritage of South Africa - a perfect weekend to celebrate our natural heritage in the bush)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Have a FUN weekend........ and don't let your friends' birthdays get you down.

    Thank goodness for Skype, right?

    In the olden days we used to have to write snail mail letters.... :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better!! Happy party-planning!

    Sue x

  3. Have a fabulous weekend away in the bush! You deserve it...

  4. Enjoy your long weekend with friends and you had a great week. Congrats on your girl's Silver certificate. That's great!

  5. Ag my friend, I know what it is to miss a dear friend too. I so wish we were closer. A cup of coffee and cake with you is something I wish for!

    Glad to hear the party planning is sorted - i look forward to seeing your creations.

    Have an awesome weekend away - I have a wedding tomorrow so no such luxury for us - instead we'll have a quiet weekend together.

    Lots of love xxx

  6. Have a nice long weekend and enjoy the bush ;) Trust you are back to 100% health wise

    Glad your princess was happy with her silver! Gold will come eventually with loads of hard work and perseverance.

  7. Hope you are resting and recovering and ENJOYING some well-deserved down-time. So glad that there is a plan with L. Amazing how things always work out.

  8. I can totally relate to the recognition of a friend's birthday who has died. I just was browsing facebook this weekend and saw a friend's name who died a few years ago. My heart skipped a few beats. :-( Hope you were able to take some time to recognize each friend's birthday in a special way and at least were able to talk to your BFF to wish her happy Birthday.

    I love your lil Miss's drawing! Vivid!

  9. It's actually so cute that they have complementary themes for the cakes even though they are different. I love that!

    I think that the athlete's message must have hit home, what a great message. Do YOUR best, even if it's not THE best. Perfect.

    How was your weekend? (I'll probably pick it up on the reader, I am sooo far behind)

  10. Your goal for the weekend is exactly what mine is every weekend. I am so glad things are working our for L at school...and again I realize that being dependant on the Lord ultimately is the only answer.

  11. Lots of party stuff happening :)

    Cameron also came to our school - the kids loved it!!!

    Glad you have clarity on the school issue!


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