Wednesday, 19 September 2012


So yes, I am typing this on the ipad at home. I should be sleeping but my throat aches so much that I cant - waiting for the new pain meds to kick in. Yesterday afternoon I thought I had a bit of a cold, by last night I struggled to swallow and this morning I felt plain miserable. I hardly slept last night with an aching throat and left ear. This morning I popped into the office, made sure that the most urgent work will be done, had a quick meeting and made an appointment at the doctor. On my way there I stopped at Makro to buy the boys some Lego for their birthday ( at the moment they have 20% off on all Lego) . It turns out that I have a huge throat infection spreading to the ears due to a most probably seasonal allergy post nasal drip. I think my body just called it a day - the stress and pace of the last two months just got too much. He recommends 2 days rest. Alas, it will be hard to do at the moment. Tomorrow I have an important meeting early but am planning to come home afterwards and try to get better by sleeping it off.

Enough about me though - I want to share some moments I want to remember.

Yesterday afternoon after I picked up the Princess we stopped at our local Spar for a few things and as she stepped out of the car she spotted a R5 coin, which she immediately planned to spend at tuck shop. Then she saw the blind lady we often give a few rands to and decided to give her the R5. She told me it made her feel way better than the sweetie she would have bought. A moment I will never forget.

Sunday at the lunch table I told the kids how much I loved them. L looked at me and said " ek is lief vir jou" (I love you). It's the first time ever that he has said this to me. A few weeks ago he said it to Hunter, unprovoked, but I will never forget this moment. If one has waited so long for these words, they are so much sweeter.

Saturday morning I was busy showering C with kisses. This little Bear if mine adores his snuggles and kisses, but he looked at me and said "yeg!Gross" My first reaction was, this is too soon. Where has my little guy gone to? Not even 5 yet! And then I caught the twinkle in his eyes as he gave me a hug and a kiss, another moment I will never forget .

I can hardly believe that in just a few days my babies will be 5! Gosh, time flies. Cherish the moments.


  1. Ouch, hope you feel better soon!! Surely that meeting can wait though?
    Loved the kids stories, made me smile

  2. Those are all such very sweet moments. :) :)

    Hope you're feeling better by now, Cat! Please try to rest as much as you can!

  3. Lovely memories to keep of your kiddies. Hope you get lots more love and cuddles and "I love you" to make you feel better.

  4. Ag special moments indeed. They are what makes being a parent so special!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. R, I know the feeling when your child says "I love you" to you, after you have waited years for him to say it. My boy was like that too. He only said it to me when he was 7. My heart melted.
    Your raising your daughter so well and God is truly working in her life, that she is feeling so good about giving to others rather than spending the money on herself.

  6. Ah, that's exactly what gets me through the rough patches of parenting... Enjoy.

  7. hope u feel better soon! and what precious moments with the little ones!

  8. Shame man - hope you feel better soon!!

    Some days make being a parent so worth it.....

  9. Awe, that I love you must have felt like the best thing ever! Nicola came to me one night this week, wrapped her little arms around me and said, "Mamma, ek het jou verlang vandag..." turned me to mush instantly. :-)

  10. Beautiful moments:-) We do indeed need to cherish them! And I really hope you get better soon soon!

  11. I love your moments with the kids. Of course, L's is the most precious and I'm hoping for TONS more of those "I love you" moments for both of you.

    Please take care of yourself as much as you can - so you are well on the weekend and next week.

    (tonight we'd finished praying and I love yous and all that and Kendra said, "i want to tell you something" and I very nearly said "no more talking it's time to sleep" but I said, "what, Baby?" and she said "I love you so much" I melted and thanked God for shutting my big mouth!

  12. Hope you are feeling better by now and got to rest.

    Such precious moments. Heart melting

  13. LOVe LOVE LOVE the moment with L. I know how that must have overwhelmed you. Just amazing. I am hoping for MANY more of those moments between you and him.


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