Monday, 3 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - last week in August and weekend goals

So how was your weekend? I have to say that we seem to be in a good space with the kids and weekends at the moment. Looking back over the last week:
Day 40/365 My Washi tapi order from Paperpeony arrived. I really would recommend her - excellent friendly service.

Day 42/365 Found this beauty in the office garden perched on a hedge.

Day 43/365 And we have silkworms once again - and thousands of them

Dy 46/365 I baked, the kids decorated. The best pre mix I have ever bought.
I have another Instagram lovely to share:

 On Friday I comitted to some weekend goals - so let's see how they went:
Goal 3

  1. Take good pictures of the boys playing rugby tomorrow. It may be a challenge as the Princess' ballet course is right in the middle of their game time but maybe. Done - not many action shots but lovely memories - seperate post to follow.
  2. Swim with the kids at the gym - did not happen -we had a great long lunch with the extended family so we had to miss this one.
  3. Have flowers in the house for Spring day tomorrow. Yes! Bought some when I took the pictures published yesterday
  4. Get my pictures of the week up for Marcia's link up. Yes. And I am already thinking about this Sasturday's
  5. Re organize and tidy and purge my clothes cupboard Epic fail - started with one sleve and abandoned.
  6. Re organize and tidy and purge my shoe cupboard Nope - epic fail
  7. Start on a mosaic cross for my moms friend who knitted lovely jerseys for the kids this winter. Not only did I start with one I finished two
  8. Bake something Although a pre - mix but possinbly the best one I have ever bought. (see day 46/365 above)
I am giving myself a 2/1 for the crosses so a 6/8 - not too bad.
Goal 7
Goal 8


  1. I love the Mosaic crossed you made. I made my first Mosaic piece with my best friend on Saturday and enjoyed it so much. It was great fun and want to buy the things I need for it, to start as well.

  2. Hi, do you remember the fun you had with the Blogger Secret Santa last year? I am doing it again this year and we already have 37 people involved after a week. Would you like to join in again... we are going BIG!
    Sorry to post this here but I cannot find an email link on your blog.

  3. What a lovely week! Any goals accomplished is a good week for sure.

  4. Those mosaic crosses are exquisite - my word! I think you did a marvellous job on clearing your list - never mind that all were not completed - Rome wasn't built in a day :)

  5. YOu did AWESOME on your goals and the crosses are gorgeous!!!

    I must tell you, I challenged myself last week at work to just do all my stuff before my boss came back and if I managed, then I'd order some stuff from Cathy. Well, I did so I'll order a little something :)

    And GOSH, I love that friendship pic! It's sooooo very precious. Also, is that a binder ring I see on A's backpack? (Connor finds the word "backpack" hilarious - I don't know what's so funny)

    1. Oh I love how you challenge yourself. And nope, not a binder ring - it is a big key chain with a very glittery "A" on it. Because everyone's backpack looke the same they attach something to theirs to quickly find it amongst the rest in the class.

  6. Ah, I love your photos. Especially the one of A & her friend walking. Gorgeous.

    Well done on your crosses - i did a few a couple of years back, must try the mosaicing again. I'd love to do a round outside table top!

  7. I may just have to try some of this washi tape you and Marcia love :)

    I am desperate to mosaic but want to first get all my scrapbooking up to date :) I have completed about 5 albums so far!

  8. Sounds like a very fruitful week! :-) Love that photo with the girls sticking their tongues out.

  9. Wow! What a fabulous weekend and getting creative too, love it!

  10. We made those same strawberry cupcakes for Macy's party. YUM!


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