Thursday, 6 September 2012

This and that

So how is your Thursday going?

We had our first Highveld thunderstorm for the Summer last night. It was spectacular  - true to tradition. Lots of lightening and thunder that woke up little 4 year old boys. But today everything feels fresh, but rather cool. We always get a cold spell for the first Friday in September - traditionally our office's Spring day celebration. We have promptly postponed it to next week.

I was up early this morning, on site before 8 to inspect for possible leaks in new area in my current project. Taking into account that for all practical purposes a rather big portion of a section of a functioning mall has only a bit of canvass over a future rooflight, the damage was minimal. I am much relieved.

I am also much relieved when I took the boys to visit the school this morning and L greeted friendly and both stayed with the teacher.  He confidently played with the bigger boys with Lego and C was shy and hiding behind the teacher. Sometimes you never know. I went to visit A's teacher from last year. Who told me that they think evaluating L is an overkill.

All in all I feel much better today - as if a big load of stress has slightly lifted (am I being too optimistic?) and as if on this rather cool day Spring is really in my heart.

I have had huge issues with my IBS lately but do believe that it is possibly the stress that has triggered it after a rather good run the last few months. I have started with my trusted pro biotics again and am going to buy another product recommended to me later today. Let's hope things look better soon.

Work is still hectic - there is no other word but in the interest of sanity, I am going to take lunch today and have a coffee quietly somewhere and read some Spud. Or on second thoughts, get those invites done

I have not done anything for the Boys' party yet - invites are getting rather urgent - the rest is fine at the moment.Venue sorted, the rest are easy.
So how is your day panning out?


  1. I'm so glad the damage from the rain was minimal. I can imagine your relief :)
    You do sound very positive today and glad that you're feeling so optimistic about your boys :)
    Yes, first Friday in each September is always cold :(

  2. I hope that your IBS starts to improve soon. I have IBD and it seems like stress can make it worse.

  3. So glad things went well at school. Remember to look after "you" too. You need R&R on a regular basis. xx

  4. So glad that the rain damage was minimal. I do love me a thunderstorm but I have to say that I have LOVED the CT sunshine this past week. Love the pics in this post.

  5. I'm so glad the rains have arrived! One of my favourite things to do is to climb into bed at night when the rain is pitter patting outside.
    My pool not so much, she is a nice shade of brown today:-/

  6. The rains are lovely, esp while I'm home in my big flannel pjs and gown :)

    Do you need help with party stuff?

  7. Hope you are feeling better? Please take care of yourself. By God's grace the evaluation will go even better than planned.

    Don't leave the party planning till too late so you don't get stressed. IBS and stress not a good combo.

    I'm loving the rain (though not good for a train commuter like me). We had some massive hailstones at work today when it rained.

  8. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a little bit lighter on the school note. Still thinking of you all, Cat!

  9. The storm certainly did arrive with a bang!! Woke both the big kids but baby Jack slept through it all :)


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