Friday, 12 October 2012

Bandanas galore

Today is national bandana day in support of the Sunflower fund. The kid's pre school always ask them to wear them and does a bit of an educational. We had a bit of fun last night and this morning with the bandanas.

I love that the theme is "Hope" - my word for the year

 So are you wearing yours? If not, I am sure Pick n Pay still has some for sale right now! At R20 a great cause to support.


  1. You are a very stylish mother :) I didn't even know it was bandana day!

    (this is a good thing - means I haven't been shopping for a long time :))

  2. Fabulous cause! I heard that a lot of stores had not received their stock - due to the truck strike - I found that very sad indeed! So glad you did your bit! :)

  3. I forgot to buy one, but I'm sure they will still be in a store?
    Great idea!

  4. What a fun way to support a great cause!


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