Monday, 29 October 2012


 You are in Big five country, only you and your beloved alone. All that separates you from the animals out there is a structure(boma) made of split poles and electric fencing that generally houses new animals brought into the reserve for quarantine purposes . A small corrugated iron roof provides very basic protection from the elements.

Imagine....Sitting in a bird hide way after most tourists are gone, watching night fall and seeing nature playing out the dusk routine. Seeing a lone black rhino coming to the dam for a drink right beside a crocodile. Seeing little weavers calling their mates to the nest and kingfishers catching their dinner. Hearing the sound of the hippos calling their mates.

Imagine... sitting outside the boma next to your beloved, staring at the sky with the stars so close you can almost touch them. Seeing the sky turn from light blue to dark in the west and the lightening flashing over the hilltops in the east. Hearing the far off thunder dispersed with only the sound of crickets and a far off lion calling. Marveling at how small we are in this big universe. A spiritual journey in nature.

Imagine... eating a basic dinner together under the stars, falling asleep holding hands and listening to Gods wonderful creation around you. Waking up around ten to the sound of huge elephant bull in musk, literally pushing over trees and yanking off branches. So close that you can hear his tummy grumble. A bit of fear mixed with a whole lot of wonder.

Imagine... waking up when the alarm on your phone goes off at 2 am to the wonder of the stars and the silence, quickly breaking up your basic little camp and heading off to do your practical bit for the plight of our rhinos.

Just imagine ...and know that this was our reality - our very special date last Friday. I will always cherish times like these with Hunter, experiencing nature and God's creation on a level that very few have the opportunity to do. To know that we made a difference that night towards the protection of those that need it most.
The future - white rhino cow and suckling calf

It's for that spectacular horn that he might die - just see the comparison below with the horn size of his friend.

 PS. Every day "ordinary" people like us contribute to the plight of the rhinos, some of us in a practical way. This is not the first time that I went with Hunter to do this, but it's the first time I could find some words to describe the wonder of the experience to share it with you. If you want to contribute financially, please support "" . Hunter belongs to an orginization that are part of patrols like these which are done under the protection and to the assistance of the anti poaching units in our National and Provincial Parks. Feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more. If you want an experience similar to this they do offer guided wildness trails in big five country ( only persons older than 16)

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  1. So phenomenal, Cat!!! We've only ever seen such amazing creatures at the zoo...what an amazing blessing to be able to see them at home. I can only imagine it is a treat for all your senses, and your heart. :)

  2. The sunsets are just magnificent! :)

    And go you for doing that as a date. So adventurous of you (I'm more of an indoors gal :))

  3. My Sweet Love, thank you so much for joining me and allowing me to share this experience with you. It was really special. I am obliged to inform all your blog's followers that your attention to detail is amazing. Those holes in the fence you spotted way before I did. I was expecting to see some mention of this in the post, but let’s focus on positives(guess I got the followers wondering now…)
    The highlight of the date for me was the assurance that I could give you that everything is OK when MR Jumbo passed us close by.

    1. Love you my love. Loved sharing this with you.

  4. Amazing! What an experience!! I'm green with envy, and not only over your date night!

  5. It looks and sounds amazing.

    We certainly live in a beautiful country. Very blessed!

  6. What an amazing way to spend the evening. Well done.

  7. Your description is so vivid that I could almost imagine it all. Thank you for this amazing post.

  8. Oh how I miss our safaris in Africa. That is the #1 thing w both miss. I wish the kids could experience it too. Obviously Graham was too young to remember!

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. What an amazing date. Do you know if that organisation exists in Cape Town and surrounds? We have a game farm about an hour away from the city - would be lovely to do something like this with Lance. I know that he'll be up for it. sweet that he commented on your blog! I love it.

  10. What an amazing experience! Beautiful photos and I can't even imagine being so close to that amazing power and beauty!!

  11. OMW. How stunning. Felt like i was right there with your writing.

    So amazing that you are so involved in this cause.

    What an amazing date night xx

  12. This is AMAZING!!! What a fantastic and just plain lovely way to spend an evening...I felt like I was there. Thanks for linking up so I could pop by to share it with you!


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