Saturday, 27 October 2012

Secret santa list

 I participated in the Bloggers Secret Santa last year and totally loved the gift I got. Stiletto mom is running it this year and I have signed up. So herewith my little list for whoever will be my good Santa:

  • First of all, my current addiction - Washi tape or bakers twine -any will be great - refer to Paper peony for a great choice . I will specifically be very delighted with WT/B58, WT/B37, WT/B33 or WT/B12. For a bit more WT/B16, WT/B23, WT/B22, WT/B36  or WT/B28 will be absolutely fabulous.And any bakers twine. With or without postage you should just hit the mark.
  • Anything you made by hand for me - I love hand made stuff
  • Crochet flowers on a broach or hairband or the just flowers - love those.
  • Funky broaches, earrings, necklaces or beads - I especially love the crochet flower ones. But not bangles. I can not really wear them - sensory issues and all.
  • Bath stuff , body butter of cream- totally love anything that smells great - especially Beauty Factory or Sorbet will hit the spot any time.
  • Sally Williams nougat - the plain with almonds or the plain coated in chocolate. I am seriously addicted to it. 
  • Colourful flip flops - those with flowers or whatever on - Pick n Pay have heaps. I wear a size 7
So are you participating yet? Have your list up yet?


  1. I asked Joel for a Kindle Fire this year. I borrowed my mother in law's and got hooked!

  2. I am participating but need to do my list!

    Great list - we have very similar likes (but i think we know that already!)

  3. Love your list! Yip, I am participating, but haven't done my list yet. Best I get cracking...

  4. Arent the flip flops at PnP just divine! A lady at moms and tots asked me if I got mine at Tierlyntinjties :)) You know the craft market thingy that happens twice a year!

  5. Nice list! I hope whoever is your Secret Santa gets you exactly what you want :)

  6. I am also participating, but haven't done a list., Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I am also participating but have not done my list yet. Best I get cracking!

  8. As you already know, I am participating. Love your list :)

  9. Great list...maybe next year I will join you in this.

  10. Sjoe. I better post my list ASAP. Love yours!


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