Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's happening

Well, quite a lot actually. Silly season is in full swing and I have realized this weekend that up untill the end of the school year we do not have a single Saturday where nothing is already planned. I also know that next year with 3 kids in 3 grades things are going to be even worse because up until now the boys have generally had most of their activities and parties together - now it will be no more.But alas, I am sure we will also get used to that. But in summation - here's what's happening:

  • The Princess had one of her art works chosen for the school's yearly art exhibition. We are very proud of all she has done and achieved this year.
  • She has a very busy week this week with her grade 1 RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet exam on Thursday morning and unprepared drama Eisteddfod on Friday afternoon.
  • The boys have photo day today - dressed as per usual but in shirts they chose last night (Spiderman for both). We roll like that for school photos - not anything different than the usual school day clothes.
  • The boys will both have special days to visit their new schools in November. I know in what class C is and I think the teacher is a very good match for him. Still waiting to find out where L will be.
  • I have nothing planned yet for Christmas, we are re thinking our holiday plans and I have not booked a photo shoot this year. Very disorganized but for once it is not stressing me much. Work is so hectic this year that I am quite ok to go with the flow.
  • We had a lovely weekend - a visit to granny and watching the rugby together (The Princess and my Blue bulls is out of the final but Hunter and the Boys's Western Province is in - we girls will thus support Province on Saturday too).
  • The Princess has a wonderful adventure party again (her 3rd visit to the same venue this year) with another planned this Saturday . I love it that the kids enjoy the down to earth goodness of adventure courses, getting dirty and braaing their own sausages over things like pamper parties. The time for that will come, but for now I love this idea.
  • Hunter and I had a most special "date" on Friday night - it was truly fantastic. But more about that in a separate post. Here's a teaser though.


  1. When will be enticed about that special date you and hubby had? Can't wait to read that :)
    Hubby and son is Province supporters while I'm a Sharks supporter :)

  2. Sounds like everything is going fantastically in your little family. Congratulations to The Princess on all her achievements this year! Date with hubby looks like it was wonderful. Absolutely great to keep the magic alive with the one you fell in love with in the beginning!

  3. My sweet love, special for that date is such an under statement. I'm looking forward to that post...good tease for sure

  4. Love the pic done by The Princess! Great photo!
    Yes, it is busy here as well!

  5. Definitely silly season around here too. It is an awesome time of the year though, isn't it? :-)

  6. Welld one to your Princess on her work of Art, it's awesome and definitely worthy to be chosen.

    Yup the silly season is definitely upon us. Busy busy busy!!!

  7. Nice to catch up:-) Life does always get rather busier than usual at this stage of the year, doesn't it?? Look forward to your date post!

  8. Is that Hunter up earlier in the comments? :)

    well done to the princess.

    You guys sound soooo busy! So shall I invite you over early in 2013? (I'm not joking - i want us to relax with both men and connect :)

    1. Will talk later - depends on what happens with holiday plans.

  9. That artwork is amazing, you must be so proud of her. I haven't booked for a photoshoot as well, so you are not the only one, hehehehe.

  10. Love that A's art was chosen, look how proud of herself she is!

    And yay to special dates, love that H has commented too.

    I was sitting doing our diary for the next 2 months and it is BUSY! Bang go my 1 function a weekend rule x

  11. An artist in the making. That's such a good picture.

    Now I can't wait to read about your date. That view is beautiful ;)

  12. Lots going on! Love A's art work! beautiful! And your photo is lovely...can't wait to hear what you and Hunter did. We haven't had a date night in a long time other than dinner with friends about a month ago. Thankfully we have a night away coming up in November. Can't wait!


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