Friday, 19 October 2012

The long weekend long ago

Almost a month has came and went since we had our lovely long weekend break in the bush. Imagine this - the beauty and quietness of the bushveld, a great camp with cycling space a plenty, 7 friends and 10 kids (3 extra the last night when Hunter joined us from his weekend in the bush plus two other friends). What was great wa that we just relaxed and that parentling duties were spread over for the bigger kids(including all 3 mine). You fed all the kids around you, we mass managed them dishing out juice to all that want and needed. It worked like a charm. But let's rather tell the rest of the story in pictures.
Unexpected little vignettes
A ninth birthday fruit feast party
With a water balloon fight after
Bushveld sunsets

Big old trees waiting for Spring leaves and the first rains, which fell on the Friday night we arrived.

Some Krone Borealis
And even more bushveld sunsets.
Campfires at night

 But it will be best remembered as the weekend when the boys really got into their bikes. Between the nicely even paved walkways and the big gravel road they really got enough of a chance to find the joy in biking. I think Mr L possibly spent 60% of the wekend on his.

The two big girls even opened their own "biking school" for the weekend and showed the younger ones the ropes. We took the Princess' small bike as she is was not really comfortable on the new big one and they had heaps of fun

 It was really just the best weekend and we all enjoyed it so much.

The lovely camp.


  1. LOOKS AMAZING, so tranquil and peaceful. The water balloon fight, greatest idea ever. Thanks for this, you rock.

  2. What is it with kids who want to swim whether the weather or pool is too cold? But alas, we know. We were kids too ;)
    Great pictures which shows you all had a fantastic time

  3. Time really does fly. Beautiful pictures. Definitely looks like a wonderful time was had by all - big and small, old and young :)

    Just as I think one picture is my favourite, I like the next even more. Without a doubt the sunsets are beautiful. For that I wouldn't even mind a quick bush holiday :) STUNNING Pictures

  4. Pics are BEAUTIFUL. Looks like a fantastic break.x

  5. I love the branches against the sky!!!

    And I looooooovvvveeee that I now recognize those people

  6. Such a blessing to have two big girls to help with the little ones! :) Aren't bushveld sunsets just the best? Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  7. Looks great! Looking forward to our camping as well!

  8. Beautiful collection of photos and great memories captured.


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