Monday, 26 November 2012

It's a winner!

We had a great weekend - kind of busy, but also kind of chilled. Nothing too hectic apart from me being suddenly struck with a huge sinus infection which I am now nursing with as many meds as I possibly can. The boys' rugby day was cancelled due to rain but the Princess and I went to watch the Nutcracker (more about that later) That all being said, I can feel that the year is speeding to an end. Today and only two more Mondays to go for the work year. Planning for our family holiday in December is done mostly and we are all looking forward to spend some time together as a family. At both the schools things are wrapping up for the year as are extra mural activities. The Princess seems tired and when I went to read for her class today they were so excited to tell me that they will have no homework this week (and I presume the rest of the year?).

The very best bit of the weekend actually was the achievement of one of the little things we have been working on with the kids. We have been training them to play in their rooms on weekend mornings and not to wake us up. And then to later go downstairs, get breakfast with the help of one of us and play nicely. leaving us a with a bit of a sleep in. Yesterday morning I went downstairs with them at 7:30 after they woke me up to tell me they are hungry. I helped them to get breakfast and had another snooze until 8:45! ( without any of them killing the other or destroying the house) Ai, the bliss. Definitely one of this year's great milestone achievements in my book (you know those lesser milestones that we so often forget to celebrate)

On the not so great front the Princess and Mr C is heading towards possibly killing each other - leaving us all exhausted. If she says it's blue, he will say it's green. If he says it's on she will say it's off even if she knows it's on. Sibling rivalry on the extreme front. We are contemplating boxing gloves for Christmas.....


  1. That's fantastic!!! I need to write a post about this - how it happens in my house.

    ps two pigeons are having a snog-fest outside my window!!!

  2. As I am reading this my two are mid boxing match over the pool net! Much screaming, yelling and now Kiara is sobbing in her room (obviously she was VERY hard done by by her brother?!)

    That is an awesome milestone!!!!! I miss it!!

  3. That's a winner in my books as well! Getting the boys to let you sleep in a bit!

    I love this time of year with everything slacking off and signing out! :D

  4. It is all quite natural. All siblings fight and no it only ends when they are grown up ;-)

  5. Good luck on the sibling war front, and congrats on the sleeping in!

  6. We also have LOADS of sibling stuff in this house. And the instigator is none other than Child2!
    Our weekend was similar to yours. Busy but chilled. We didn't go anywhere because it was raining but we did a lot of organising and tidying up and spent a bit of time vegging in front of the TV.

  7. That's a great milestone. Hope it continues.

    Sibling rivalry - ha ha ha I'm sure there will be many more of that. Guess the important thing is at the end of the day they love each other dearly and it's all part of growing up. Will make for juicy stories when they are older ;)


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