Friday, 23 November 2012

There are two types of people...

Those who like cats and those who like dogs, those who love rain and those who don't, those who adore chocolate and those who prefer jelly sweets, those who love coffee and those who love tea....
And those who have to doodle and those who don't.

When you are next stuck in a meeting on conference, have a look around you. Some people make the odd note (while some make tons of notes), but some people draw in between the odd note. I am one of those. I find it virtually impossible not to doodle in a meeting (unless I chair it - in which case I do not have time to write, less doodle). I doodle while talking on the phone, I doodle while I take notes and am busy working. I doodle as a necessity. It helps me think, it helps me concentrate. And then as you know, I have the love of any pen that is not black It also provides a simple day to day outlet for my creative urge that I know I have to feed daily in some way. I get lots and lots of comments on my doodles, and whilst the ones in the side lines of meeting minutes are certainly not worth a space in the blogsphere, my more elaborate ones that I build up over months in the back of my note book could possibly be. And so for the ones made during long boring courses and speeches  filling a page on their own.

Typical page in my note book where you will find notes on the one side and a doodle in progress on the other.
In my current note book - a city scape

And a tree - it was meant to get birds but I decided against it. Maybe in Monday's meeting?

Another sheet of random doodles build up over a day in a course (on the course note pad)
 With my birthday two years ago I got a Doodle book as a present - I love this too as it takes a bit less concentration and I keep it next to the phone in my office.
one in process
I am well aware that there are doodles on the web which are awesome works of art - that is not the object of mine, nor the level on which they are done. Mine are more just and outlet, a way to keep the hands occupied while the brain works.

So of course this morning my question to you is -" Do you doodle?" and if you do, is it just on sidelines of notes or is there someone somewhere that crazily build up doodles over time? And is there anyone out there who has a doodle "colouring book:" or any of those "colouring books for adults". And do you colour with your kids? I love to - I find it hugely therapeutic.

BTW - I like both cats and dogs but am more of a dog person, I adore rain, I like some types of chocolate but in general I prefer jelly sweets, I am a total coffee- holic if it is good coffee, but if not I like tea and I love my late evening tea with the hubby. And you?


  1. Love this post! I doodle, but not quite enough, but definitely going to be doing a bit more from now one, it looks awesome! (And it does help that I have just purchased myself some colour pens!)

    ps I am a cat person(though I am slightly allergic), I like rain but prefer sunny days, I love chocolate and am not a jelly sweet fan, Love coffee and really do not like tea...!

  2. I love your doodles. It's very creative and beautiful.
    I don't doodle as it will be something that would rather take my concentration away that helping me concentrate.
    I like coffee as well. Good filter coffee for a matter of fact. Like chocolate dislike jelly sweets. I also love my late evening tea. Love dogs and cats but daughter allergic and until she leaves the house one day, there won't be any pet in our home till then :(

  3. I love your doodles! Very pretty. I doodle- but in monocolour.
    Luurve coffee . Tea is for when you're sick. Love the rain!

  4. I doodle too, especially in meetings. Actually you can pretty much tell what I though of the meeting from the doodle I trash afterwards. I never hang on to them though - I've never even considered it, but I might.

  5. You are very VERY creative!
    I want to doodle, but can't!
    Love the big doodle on the course note pad!

  6. Wow those are stunning doodles. Mine tend to be just swirly lines.
    I love dogs but I am more of a cat person. I prefer dark chocolate to any other sweet. Tea and mostly rooibos although a good filtered coffee is hard to beat. I love rainy days but I could never live in a rainy climate I need to see the sun after a few days.

  7. Your doodles are gorgeous! I worked with a doodler (is that even a word?) and I was fascinated by it. My DH is definitely a doodler. I am not a doodler but I am a list-maker. I make all kinds of lists, ESPECIALLY when I'm distracted.
    I'm a cat person, a chocolate person though I do love jelly sweets too and I LOVE the rain.

  8. I used to be a huge doodler in middle school, in particular. I've morphed into an avid note-taker. [I'm talking about during meetings, in my work life.] It keeps me engaged in the meeting, even if I just toss the notes afterwards. I do love colored pens, though!

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to draw with the girls. It occupies them for hours sometimes, to have me sit and draw things at their request. (I'm no Picasso, but my cartoon drawings are at least recognizable.) I love to color with them, too. I'm so glad they're to the age where that's fun now! :)

    I love dogs and cats, but we've become "cat" people since we got married. I love coffee and tea, but I have coffee every day, whereas tea less frequently. I love rain, as long as I don't have to get out in it! And I'm not a fan of jelly sweets (those aren't that big here, if we're talking about the same thing). I love a good, rich chocolate...and I also like hard candy. I can't buy it very often, because it collapses my willpower, fast! ;)

    Your doodles are gorgeous, Cat! And this was a very fun post. Thanks for getting my mind rolling in a different direction this morning. Happy Weekend to you!

  9. I love this post! I was smiling bigger and bigger and BIGGER as I read!

    Your doodles are GORGEOUS. Have you met my favourite doodler yet? Aimee of Artsyville? - tell her I sent you. I missed her when I was over in the US but you'll love her too - she has a gorgeous eye and makes anything seem more special!

    I don't doodle but I do colour in a little bit on a to-do list notepad. I make lots of lists though and if I can't be seen, I'll even organise my bag. The ipad has been the BEST thing for meetings. I catch up on emails, etc. Terrible but most meetings are far too long!

    So I want to ask you for a print of your cityscape doodle to frame here in my study - it will make me smile and think of you daily (as I do with Aimee's moxie one).

    I'm a dog person but I actually don't know now that I have my own house... I'm a tea drinker..... I love plain Dairy Milk Cadbury's chocolate like your H and jelly sweets.... and I LOVE rain. You are "my people" :)

    1. Oh gosh Marcia, I will be totally hooured.

  10. Your doodles are real works of art!!! I used to draw on the side of my notes when I'm bored in meetings but I wouldn't call them doodles because compared to yours, mine could have been drawn by a 4yr old trying to master the art of pencil holding (LOL)

    These day I'm the frantic writer in meetings - but don't be deceived I'm probably making a to do list or grocery list or writing my name in multiple ink colours (a girl has got to look busy and engaged) or even practising different signatures

    I love dogs (currently have 3) though I'm partial to large breed dogs - rottweilers, german shepherds, boerboels etc tiny sausage dogs I'll pass. I don't hate cats, but I would rather be petless than own one. I'll play with them as long as it's not in my house :)

    I'll take chocolates and hard candy over jelly sweets. And water on the rocks (with ice) is my drink of choice, and the occasional hot chocolate or fruit infusions in winter. I think I drink maybe 4 or 5 cups at most all through winter. Coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks - no no I'm a teetotaler with a capital T. Don't do caffeine. I'm a cold water kind of girl. I love the rain as long as I'm in shelter nothing worse than being caught in the rain with a fancy tiny umbrella. And especially in whether like this, it's a welcome development. I actually wrote about being thankful for the rain today

  11. What a lovely post today! How artistic your Doodles are! I like to doodle, but definitely don't do such beautiful drawings! I love chocolate and rain, rather dogs than cats and I don't like T!!!

  12. I used to doodle when I had to attend meetings - normally just flowers or faces or shapes - nothing like this :)

    I am a cat person and love chocolate and rain!

  13. Wow...your doodles are amazing! Love your cityscape. I am not a doodler at all, just not creative enough. I am a dog person...but for the first time ever don't have one. I love coffee. I love chocolates and I love jelly sweets equally.


  14. OMW!

    You're an artist. You do realise that don't you? Your doodles are amazing!

    Love the tree one - i'd love a bigish one like that - i don't know what i'd do with it but I love it!

    I doodle - but nothing like yours. Flowers, swirls, dots and stripes. Must doodle more!

    LOVE chocolote, rainy days, tea, sweet jelly beans and am a cat person. But slowly becoming a dog one too since little biscuit stole my heart :)

    What a glorious post!

  15. I LOVE your doodles and I'm SO putting coloured pens on my Christmas wishlist now!! I love your tree and your bugs - gorgeous!!

    BTW... I love coffee in the morning, one sweetner, or none. Tea in the evening. I love dogs, but mostly because I like to be needed and cats give me hayfever. I love chocolate and sweets equally (although I've given up until I've lost 5kgs before Christmas!). And I love the rain, providing I don't have to go out in it and providing there's lots of the above!!

  16. Love your doodles!!! You can see what line of work you are in :).

  17. Oh my word, how beautiful are those doodles! I'm not a doodler, I hate meetings and make to-do lists in them or start fiddling. I'm a notorious fiddler.
    I'm coming to realise that I'm neither a cat nor a dog person, I have a bit of a hair phobia...

  18. I doodle, but more just swirls and dots and hash patterns that pictures. I love both dogs and cats. I prefer the sun, but a good rainy day once in a while is good too. I love chocolate - but if jelly sweets are lying around.....

    Oh and I prefer coffee.

  19. After thinking about your doodling today whilst creating baby shower toppers, I realised why I don't doodle much.

    I don't sit in on meetings. I don't spend lots of time talking to people on the phone.

    So i worked out that instead of doodling, i create! In the form of cupcake toppers.

    So that is my form of 'doodling!'

  20. Hello friend! I'm so far behind on blogging and commenting but trying to catch up some. I'm glad I saved this in my reader because these doodles are beautiful!!! I am not very talented or creative so I'm in awe of these! Wonderful! I love that tree!!


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