Monday, 21 January 2013

2013 - Project 365 and this weekend

So once again I am trying to do a project 365 on the iPhone.I know, I always stop somewhere in the year when life gets too hectic, but maybe this year I will make it. I do find it nice to have a little day to day record without having my big camera around and to remember those everyday type of days too.
Spectacular double rainbow on Wednesday afternoon - intro into a weekend of rain.

The last week has been a tough one - Tuesday morning, only the second day of work, dawned with a tummy bug in tow. It took me 4 days to get totally over it. By Friday with only Tuesday off I was exhausted after an inspection on site and lots of walking, so I decided to go home and rest, just to get that dreaded school number popping up on my phone - Mr L was crying non stop in class. So I went to the school - the Boys have been in separate classes in the after care too as grade RR and R are separated. I suspected this was the issue after some words from him on Thursday. I got to the school and he was sitting there on his little rest time mattress quietly crying. I straight out asked him if he wanted to be with C and he said yes. The moment he saw his brother he smiled. I left shortly after and returned an hour later to two happy boys. Let's just hope that this is sorted out now.

This weekend has been a great one although it rained and rained forever. On Friday night we had home movie night with homemade pizzas and the kids watched Wallace and Grommet - the case of the ware rabbit (I love those two) and then the Princess and I watched Big Miracle while the other 3 fell asleep - what a lovely movie. Saturday morning saw her attending her friend N's party at Experilab - what a great party idea and the kids and I paid a visit to my mom. Saturday evening we went for a swim at the gym and homemade burgers after. Sunday was church and a lovely afternoon with our great friends S&I and the kids. The kids even swam in the soft rain. They baked a bread in die Weber, we had smoked pork ribs and the kids made their own roosterkoek. Really just a good weekend.

On to the first three weeks 365 shots:

Day 1/365 1 January. Campsite festive lights.

Day 5/365 5 January Eater is cosmos time - it was very confusing seeing cosmos in December. But pretty never the less

Day 8/365 8 January We spent most of the day at Zita park - our own little mermaid in action

Day 10/365 10 January Picked up the cupcakes at the home industries and they asked A to pick something for her own cupcake. Obviously she choose Hello Kitty (and a butterfly)

Day 16/365 16 January Sunrise as Oupa and Ouma goes back home.
Day 17/365 17 January MrL draws himself on the school's newsletter with the other friends already drawn. It's the first time ever I have seen him draw himself.
Day 18/365 18 January A Just Joey in our garden after a rainy day.

 So how was your weekend?


  1. That double rainbow picture is stunning!

    I'm sorry to hear the year has gotten off to a bit of a rough start. I'm glad you had a nice weekend at least! Mini Meerkat loves Wallace and Gromit, especially the one with all the rabbits.

    My weekend has involved lots of cleaning. Trying to get things organized and decluttered is a long process.

  2. Love your pics and I hope you manage to complete Proj 365! It is a challenge I know.

    Love the double rain bow and the one of the boys cycling.

    Glad to hear that you're better now. Tummy bugs hit you for six.

    Lots of love xxx

  3. So many beautiful photos here - love the one with the rainbow, the princess and her ring, the rose and Mr. L sleeping in the last one.

  4. The photos are a great reminder! Glad you got the boys sorted at aftercare!

  5. I always love to see your photos. The rainbow photo is my favorite.

  6. I would love to do a 365 project but I just know myself. I'll get busy, feel overwhelmed and stop. So all the best to you Cat ~ I've enjoyed looking at your pics so far.

    I'm glad to hear the boys are okay now.
    I have godsons who are twin boys and every year they separate them too and I don't understand why.

    1. Fi, I find it way easier on the iphone and instagram than with the camera, hence I have settled for that.

      Twins are mainly seperated as they as a rule function better each on their own. There is always a leader and stronger one and it gives both of them the chance to develop as individuals without the other's influence.

  7. The images of the little ones with Ouma warm my heart so! :)
    (and I love the self-portrait image, too!)

    Such lovely glimpses as always, Cat!

  8. Yes! Exactly to the iphone project 365. So if I say I'm doing something like that then I don't do it.... so I'm not saying it *wink wink*

    However, there's a really nice app called Project 365 that's keeping me on track so far!

    so sorry about the sickness - it truly sucks to be sick in summer, of this I am very sure :)

  9. I love that your photos are so expressive! Good luck to finishing, the Project 365 this year:-) I for one, really love your photos (just in case you needed a little inspiration.)


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