Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's Lent

Ash Wednesday has come and gone and I only gave thought to Lent and giving up my usual something this weekend. It is tradition in our church as in many others to do a modified fasting over the 40 days up until Easter Sunday. The idea is to think about Christ and the price he paid on the cross, what he gave up for your sins every time you give up that item.

I have chosen many things in the past.- coffee and all other caffeine (tea, coke etc) - it was pure hell - you actually get withdrawal symptoms, alcohol (way easier than you think), chocolate (rather tough), all sweets (even tougher), salty snacks (way worse than I thought) and soft drinks (easier than you think - water is good stuff). This year I have chosen my "go to":snack - the one thing I snack on when I have that little hole in my tummy (especially late evenings, late afternoons, the 12 am spot in the tummy) - nuts. Yes, I have IBS but small quantities if chewed well enough works well for me - after all it's good healthy food. We ALWAYS have peanuts and raisins int he snack cupboard at home - the kids often get it in little tubs to school. I have almost every day in the last week craved especially peanuts and raisins. Thus a good choice for a fast item. I also adore smooth peanut butter (can be eaten if you have IBS - do not eat the chunky one though) so that is another challenge. (I have some of those Marmite covered cashews in my work drawer - the ultimate temptation but still sealed)

So I would like to know if you are Christian , do you fast over Lent and in which form? If modified like me, what have you chosen (and chosen in the past). Or do you think it is an old fashioned practice?


  1. I don't think it is old fashioned at all, and I like to give up something yearly. This year I have chosen alcohol - it is not something I crave terribly, in fact can go without it with no problem, but i'm curious to see if i can go 40 days. If so, i may as well give it up totally!

    On the subject of nuts - have you tasted the wasabi nuts from Food Lovers Market. Oh my word. Heaven in a handful (excuse the pun!). They are absolutely divine! Something to look forward to .....


  2. I grew up in a Baptist church, and we didn't have this tradition.

    Although I've never observed Lent, I think it's a great tradition. One of my friends is drinking only water these 40 days...she says it's been quite the challenge so far.

  3. I LOVE WASABI NUTS!!!!! Beyond LOVE!

    I give up meat for lent (and that, btw, includes fish & chicken!! - you'd be surprised how many people say "oh? So you only eat chicken or fish then?"... If it breathed I don't eat it).
    I do it because my husband does and there's strength in numbers. You'll be amazed how often I stop myself from shoving the tail end of one of the kids sausages or chops or something in my mouth.
    It's generally followed by, "Lord! Do I always eat the kids food? Sorry."

    One of my friends church ladies gave up being angry at her husband. She was shocked at how angry she turned out to be... So it's not only food you give up - it can also be an attitude.

  4. Our church also does the modified fasting for Lent. This year I have given up all forms of chips (I tried this last year as well, and FAILED big time...). It has been surprisingly difficult, realized I ate them a lot, but not this much. My husband gave up fizzy cool drinks this year and he is finding it awful. My sister gave up excuses, which I thought was pretty cool.

    Before I have given up chocolate, sugar, salty snacks. I have always wanted to give up red meat, but never remember in Feb...

  5. We don't have this tradition...but have for periods gone on fasts when we pray for specific direction in our life or our ministry. The longest was a Daniel fast for 21 days. We gave up coffee and meat. Do you know that veggies fall right through and you remain perpetually hungry? Seriously?

  6. A friend of mine decided to give up a daily treat and won't be logging in to Facebook for the 40 days. Not your traditional sacrifice but still its giving up something that you look forward to every day.

  7. I haven't given anything up for lent before but I fast every now and then to focus on my relationship with God.

    PS - Marmite covered nuts? Where do you get these from? Also if you like wasabi they are to DIE FOR!! Try some (after Lent of course!!)


  8. I like the idea of Lent, but we've never practised anything like it.

  9. I am Christian, but we have never celebrated Lent... Shocking and perhaps I should try it next year...

    Good luck with the "no nuts" for lent!


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