Monday, 18 February 2013

Looking back,

Cute photo that was not a photo of the day - our puppy M recuperating after she had a tumour removed from her one paw. The Princess made sure she was comfortable and loved.
this weekend has been a good one. The first with a vague resemblance to how they used to be before we had this year's upheaval. I have hopes that Mr L is at last adjusting - this morning there was no repeated questions about going to school. no fighting about not going. We live in hope, still. But more on the weekend later, let's do the glimpses into day to day life with project 365.
Day 42/365 11 FFebruary Mr L's little feet both in daddy's hands.
Day 45/365 14 February Valentines day hearts at the office. They were totally yummy.
Day 47/365 16 February A gardening and antique shop find on our way to horse riding lessons.

 So what was your weekend like? And how do you feel about kids saving up with birthday money and buying something more substantial? (BTW I love the idea and I love her choice - I think well spent money). But feel free to disagree - I would love to hear your opinions.

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  1. Love the pics!

    I think that they should be able to spend their money on something they want, obviously with a little guidance. NO junk. We did that with Polly's earnings from their entrepreurs Day money and i guided her slightly, but she bought what she wanted and is still playing with it today (6 months later).

    Love the boom box - your house shall now definately NEVER be quiet!

  2. ABBA - Cute!
    I think it is good to save and paying for something worthwhile. They get an idea of the prices and the worth of stuff!!

    Good to hear that Mr L is adjusting!

    Love the photos!

  3. What a sweet puppy. I'm glad to hear that it seems like Mr L is starting to adjust.

    I think saving up money to buy something they really want is great! It is important to learn about saving money and making choices.

  4. I think it's great that she saved up her birthday money and that is most definitely a sensible choice she made there.

  5. I love the idea of saving up for something big. It will do great for their delayed gratification and will stand them in good stead later in life.

    How old is she again - 8? 9? I got a radio (in the old days it had one cassette player) for my 9th birthday - BEST PRESENT EVER!!!

    1. 8 Marcia - sometimes I feel going on 18, other times a very sweet 8 only

  6. I always love blog posts with lots of pictures. Wow, ABBA.. that brings back a lot of memories for me! As for the Birthday money... receiving money, saving it and then choosing their own gift works for me.

  7. I am glad to hear the L is adjusting...and has a friend, that is just awesome. I love seeing these little glimpses into your life.♥

  8. That self-portrait is awesome! And I think it's great to save birthday money to buy something larger, especially once a child is older and can appreciate that concept. I'd MUCH rather have one thing more substantial than several smaller things.

  9. Great photos, I'm so glad your lion made a friend. Maybe that will help the adjustment along a bit?

    I like the idea of saving up for something big very much. We did it as kids and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

  10. I think its a great idea that they save up for stuff they really want. I love that photo of her.

  11. I love Abba I got introduced to it by my daddy :)

    That's great about your boy making a friend, hopefully that stops the excuses for not wanting to go to school


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