Friday, 15 February 2013

So yesterday was Valentines day

I had 5 kids with great prospects for the day.
Someone dressed in pink and white (the school allows it on Valentines) and got her first Valentines chocolate from a grade 7 - I am not totally confortable with this but I hear he is a sweet boy that takes some of the little ones under his wing as a lot of grade 7's do so I hope it's just that. She in any event is very nonchalant about it all - apparently he calls her Bambi. She thinks his name is Victor but she is not totally sure. She also attended a friend's birthday party the afternoon.

Someone's (MR C's) whole class dressed in red and white and he tells me his teacher is his Valentine ( you have to admit he has good taste). He loved making her a gift (we packaged a slab of chocolate, a heart eraser and a hot pink pencil they covered in washi tape with a handmade card for all the teachers). They all made one little bag with sweeties and exchanged these amongst themselves in class.

3 Someones had a fabulous day at the Pre primary - the kdis donated pet food, blankets and oher necessaries to an animal charity (as they do every Valentines day) who came with their mascot but could not bring actual dogs due to a transport issue. I took puppy M with me to school on Tuesday morning en route to the vet where she had a tumour removed on her one back paw. She loved the attention. The school called on Thursday in panic asking if I can bring her again, and I offered to bring the two dogs. I am always amazed that there are kids who are totally terrified of the dogs and after about 2 minutes they join in the petting.
 The puppies loved all the attention - each class came to interact with them. Mr L was so proud to show off his big sisters.

Oscar Pistorius also shot his girlfriend - to me extremely sad how the media and social media reacted - and that is enough said. For a great perspective one can always trust Mandy Weiner's comments. Read it is you haven't yet.

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  1. They all are gorgeous!

    I'm not sure how I feel about Victor too :) How does H feel?

    Love the ladies' man - oh, he is going to charm the teachers big time.

    And L with the dog? Too darn precious!

  2. What gorgeous pics.

    I would be a little wary of H - but perhaps just keep an eye and don't read too much into it. D was a monitor in Gr 7, and had lots of littlies all over her - perhaps he is of the same 'monitor' standing? Keeep an eye friend.

    Love that the kids had such a good time with your doggies - they are gorgeous!

    As for OP - i don't even know what to think anymore, but I feel that in cases like this Social Media does tend to go too far x

  3. I also would not know how to feel about the G7. Probably quite concerned but try to act nonchalant and keep an eye out.

    The pictures of the pre-school and dogs are so sweet.

  4. Looks like great fun! Our neighbor volunteers at the humane society and every year they do a pet wedding. We sent in gifts of peanut butter this year and now the ladies are obsessed with weddings!

    I would love to know how the media is handling Pistorius business there! There are so many conflicting reports here and the media has gone into overdrive. DH and I got into this big discussion on what crime is really like there in comparison to here.

    1. Madness Mandy, but at this stage we are not even sure if it was crime related at all

    2. They are running odds here over why he did it. It's ridiculous! It's also really sad that no one can fathom the possibility of this being a terrible mistake.

  5. I absolutely love the pictures with the dogs!

    Thank you for linking to Mandy's article. I had seen the news explode, but they way it has been covered has really been bothering me.

  6. Looks like a fabulous day of love. I am not surprised A has an admirer, are you??

  7. It must be here beautiful eyes that reminds him of a bambi. So glad the children had a lovely day. The whole Oscar thing makes me feel sick.

  8. I love to see your kiddos with their color-coordinated cute! And how fantastic that your pups were able to join in the fun.

    We have a kitty whom our girls adore, and they love dogs, but they're pretty skittish around most of them. There is a miniature collie that "works" in the office of their preschool, though, and it's been so fantastic to see the girls get comfortable with him. I have laughed a bit with the office staff that petting Jack is an official part of their preschool education! :)

  9. Thanks for the link to Mandy Wiener's article. She gives a different perspective in the middle of the media frenzy around this tragedy.

  10. Sounds like a great Valentine's day - I love that they do the collections for the animal shelter!

  11. I am sooooo far behind with blog reading but trying to touch base with some of my favorites tonight! Hope you are all well

    I love the pic of the boys' class ALL in red and white! Lovely! and how awesome that they always donate items for pets! What a great service!

    Such a sad issue with OP...I was so shocked when I saw the headline this week and thought of you when I read about Pretoria. I was wondering what the reaction was over there. I'll click over to the article you suggested.

    Hope you are well!

  12. The kids sure had great fun. I also wore pink and many people at work wore red. Our canteen was decorated with red balloons and red paper hearts and we got heart shaped pizzas ;)
    Nice that L was able to show off his dog :)


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