Monday, 10 June 2013

Around here

There is the usual business that is day to day life.
  • The last two tournaments of the netball season was last week Thursday and Saturday. The girls really had the most fantastic season and we are so totally proud of our girl child. The girls never lost a match in any of the 3 teams this season. A huge accomplishment.
  • Last Saturday was the last bulletjie rugby games of the season - our boys played in the same team and did so well. We are so proud of how much they learned and far they came this season.I just love all their medals.
  • It was also the first hockey tournament of the season. The boys 0/8 teams were short of players due to the rugby and the girls were asked to fill in . The Princess played 7 and a half games (4 for her team - the rest for the boys) She loved playing against the boys and we were so proud of her enthusiasm.
  • Mr L won the Playball trophy the week before last. My was he proud - and me too.
  • The house painting is proceeding as fast as it can. I am loving the way it looks.
  • It very cold today in our part of the world - all of a sudden there is an icy wind in the air and we are all feeling the cold.
  • The in laws are visiting over the school holidays - we are all looking forward to it.
  • I am rather excited that this Saturday will only have horse riding in the mix and no other sport. Yeah on a more relaxed Saturday.
  • I am totally looking forward to something I am going to do on Saturday although my tummy as just a few butterflies in it.
  •  We unexpectedly saw the Pediatric neurologist (we got a cancellation after an appeal from the OT) , tomorrow is a morning of assessment for mr L.
So, what's happening in your part of the world?


  1. Excuse me, how you can not tell us what you are doing on Sat arvi? Fess up skat!

    Congrats to your little sports people, they've all done so well this term.

    And yes, calmer weekends are great for everyone involved!

  2. I also want to know!!!

    Those netball girls are way too cute :) and so are your little rugby players.

  3. Yay for calm! Can I just tell you how excited I am to see your girl with a hockey stick?! Here it isn't all that popular, and is considered a girls sport. Oh how I miss playing!!

  4. I also want to know......

    Love the photos of the kiddies, so cute.

  5. Great photos, especially the last one!

    Now we are all in suspense... ?

  6. You can't leave us hanging like this....spill it!!!!!!!

    Your little ones did awesome in their sport and yay to the little Lion for winning a trophy. How did the assessment go?

  7. In my part of the world ... I'm finally back! :) What wonderfully sporty children you have ... I love it! Good luck for whatever is giving you butterflies - hope you'll share the secret soon!

  8. Your kids are very active and I love that :)
    Our kids will be visiting my in-laws for 2 weeks and then the in-laws will be visiting us for a week :) Aren't it great to have one's in-laws over?
    Glad you are liking the new painted house so far. Will you posting some photos?

  9. You have a VERY sporty family! ;-)
    I'm now extremely curious about your saturday butterflies - hahaha!
    Good luck with the consultation.


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