Thursday, 13 June 2013

Making me happy at the moment...

  • Chicken soup in the freezer at the office to heat for lunch
  • The nearing end of the term - really it can not come too soon.
  • Warm baths and comfort food
  • Good books
  • Boots, leggings, tighs.
  • Heated seats in my car
  • A visit by the in laws during the school holidays
  • The weekend - coming soon.Roll on....
  • Prima toys for helping us to fix A's Leappad. Yes, it did cost me money but their service was fantastic.
  • The new painted areas in our house - love it!
  • Project life - gosh, I am still in love with it and think it may become a way of life. In all honesty it has taken some of my urgency to blog every minute of our lives away because we are recording it so well in the Project Life albums - btw a new week blogged yesterday
  • My kids who are growing up so fast - sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realize how fast this is happening.
  • My hubby - truly the perfect partner for me in life.
So what is making you so totally happy at the moment?


  1. Yum chicken soup! Warm baths and comfort food! Leggings and tights and boots! I could have written this happiness list myself! xxx

  2. Fantastic list!

    Making me happy: My family! All of them!

  3. Much like what's making me happy!

    Warm snuggly pj's (a gift from Dean)
    Hot bubble baths
    Hot choc before bed

  4. Soup! And warm puddings. Winter pyjamas. My NEW favourite gown. And lots of telly time. Am about to write up an "I love winter" post.

  5. Hmmm, photography, oranges, tomato soup, hot crusty bread, hot tea, my electric blanket, my blue nail polish :)

    (I can go on and on...)

  6. I don't like winter...but I do love hot stews, sweet hot puddings, soft knits and warm mohair socks...and cuddling under a blanket with a book.

  7. I had the same PL revelation today.
    Love that last bullet, too sweet!

  8. Soup! Comfort food, hell yeah, Nicola has a slight sniffle but no full blown flu (yet), snuggles and sleeping late on weekends, good laughs with friends and family.

  9. Soups and hot baths - definitely on my list!!

  10. Wish I had heated seats in my car. My word, isn't it freezing today?? Must have been our coldest day this winter! Hot Baths with loads of bubbles are my favourite, oh, and winter jarmies and hot water bottles!

  11. I too am so happy about the school term coming to an end. Whoo-hoO!


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