Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Embrace enthusiasm

I have come to a simple conclusion this weekend - with enthusiasm you can go very far. Also, that enthusiasm about anything is one of the things I love most about my kids. A lack thereof on the other hand just totally makes me sad.

For instance, the Princess did not swim the whole winter - in fact I thought she has lost most of what she knew. And she did not want to swim again as the coach at school changed. So we bumped into the new coach last week, had a chat to her and in no time A agreed to at least go for an evaluation. Which went way better than I thought and guess what? Yesterday at school swimming period she swam lengths with the school swimmers in her class. Something she has never done before. Love the enthusiasm.

I can go on with things each and every child did the last week, each showing enthusiasm - I have to mention how well C is doing in his swimming. He totally makes my heart sing. And L that is very unhappy that rugby is over for the year and told me how much he loved it and his Judo that he totally adores.

But back to enthusiasm and my little word for the year, "embrace". Gosh its been a hard one this year, many things really tested us, we had to accept and embrace a lot.

We had big plans for Saturday night - to take the kids to their very first "grown up restaurant" experience. Then when I called to make the reservation the restaurant was closed for a few days and we had to change plans. As the kids worked hard in the garden that afternoon we gave them the choice for the night - and they chose MacDonalds - possibly the very last choice we would make. But we embraced it - and it turned into a lovely family night out with lost of happiness and enthusiasm. We had a great chat over dinner, ice cream or smarties for desert , looked at the Christmas lights and spent some time in Exclusive books. A good night out. This Saturday with just as much enthusiasm we will try that "grown up restaurant" . I have high hopes.

Afrikaanse lesers - het julle geweet Asterix is nou in Afrikaans beskikbaar? 


  1. I love your Afrikaans PS :)

    I said to D this weekend, "we should take the kids to Thava" (a favourite Indian restaurant of ours) and he said, "WE DID" - I'd completely forgotten.

    but yes, it's really nice to do pre-kid things WITH the kids.

    Somehow I think all our words are biting us in the butt this year :) I just had a lovely tea with a friend (ex-colleague from this team) and she's Christian so she spoke so beautifully into my life. Maybe this will bless you too? "God first breaks, then He blesses"

  2. Nee, ek het nie geweet nie. Ek sal bietjie uitkyk!
    What is a grown-up restaurant? We take ours everywhere, but our choices seem to get stuck at Mcds, Spurs and Papachinos ;-)

  3. Somewhere with no provision for kids- none of the above would count

  4. Grown up restaurants...we're not there yet. Not even by a long shot.

  5. I just drag mine along to grown up restaurants and tell him to behave... works 90% of the time. It is much easier at the kiddie restaurants:) I love the photo's you made me really miss Menlyn!! Strange thing to say I know. My brother is moving to your part of the world in Jan after years overseas so hopefully I will be spending more time in Pretoria next year.

    1. Kat, Menlyn's not the same anymore - we seldom go there although we live around the corner - but it has the drive in and the combination needed Saturday night. In general people prefer Woodlands, Brooklyn Mall or the Grove these days

  6. I love the enthusiasm of children, it is so contagious. Baie bly om te hoor dat Asterix nou beskikbaar is in Afrikaans. Ek sal my kleinkinders daaraan voorstel. xx

  7. What is it about kids and McDonald's! Glad that you had a good night. Cat, I know I received an email from you a while back, however, I can't find it and I would like to reply to you! :/
    Would you mind sending it again.... dimaitland1@gmail.com

  8. I wonder if our son will love the Afrikaans Asterix? He's into either comic books or the Afrikaanse version of Tin Tin named "Kuifie."
    What a lovely day you all spent together. I love Exclusive books as well.

  9. I just love how the very smallest thing can absolutely make my girls giddy. It's one of the huge joys of parenthood, to watch their joy. I'm hanging onto the simple things for as long as I can!

  10. Well I'm sure in the world of kids McD trumps restaurant!!! And I can't wait to go to Lawley street, I'm still in awe of Christmas lights.


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