Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back to school 2014 and Mr C's big day

This morning I was woken by a very excited Mr L and a slightly more subdued Mr C. By the time I was out of the shower we had 3 kids dressed and ready to prepare for the first school day of the year.

 Hunter dropped off Mr L who he reported after some initial shyness was totally happy in his class. A asked me and  Mr C to walk with her to where the grade 3's are meeting but when she saw her friends she quickly called "Bye" over her shoulder and ran to them. So it left me and Mr C to enjoy his big day - first one in the real big school in grade 1.

 I was totally surprised by his confidence and total joy over at last being in grade 1. The fact that he and his best "girl" friend are in the same class and that he met his teacher last year certainly helped to make the day a very happy one indeed. I do think the way that they integrated the grade 0 classes into the school more and more towards the end of last year made such a huge difference.

My precious little man C - mom knows that you have looked forward to this day for ages I know that you really want to learn and enjoy school and I know that you are going to make us so very proud of you. I love you to no end. May your school career be blessed beyond words.


  1. Nice way to show off their grades! Hope they all enjoyed day 1. May 2014 be a year of great discoveries and good health and lots of learning for the threesome😄

  2. Hope he'll love Grade 1... love that last photo he looks so happy :)

  3. too sweet! I love the no shoes :) do they do that throughout summer?

    1. Yes - we have a grade 1 no shoes policy for summer. The other grades can choose but you will see 90%of kids without shoes in summer on the school grounds

  4. Lovely post, gorgeous pictures and thrilled they all went off OK. Hope their days were happy!

    Sue X

  5. Ahh. I'm dreading next year. Whole new school for grade 1 with no-one the bunny knows.
    But it's a good school and she'll be fine by mid year.

  6. It looks like he had a great first day! It's very clever of them to do that integrating bit, I imagine it can be a little intimidating otherwise.

  7. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful words. Looks like a wonderful first day.


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