Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blast from the past post.

As I am slowly working through the years of this blog, removing some personal details (keeping them in the private blog only), I keep stumbling on posts that were either very popular or that I believe should have been more popular and had more comments, or that I feel was a good piece of writing or information. I have decided to from time to time feature them on a Wednesday (for a way- back).

Today I am featuring a post form 17 March 2011

So what would you have done?

If you were a mom in Japan, tomorrow a week ago? Alone, at home with 3 small kids. Would you grab the two smallest and try to speak to the oldest to get them to safety as soon as the earthquake starts? And after that, assuming you made it out safe and now have to flee in front of a possible tsunami? Truly, I have no idea.

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(It only had 65 views -very low for my blog at that time.)

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