Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I don't really want to talk about it but not mentioning it will make it the elephant in the room

My camera was stolen - on Saturday, at our school from right under our noses. At our own school's annual chess tournament. And as the very kind policeman that took my statement mentioned - it is someone that was not out of place. That was watching our every move. That chose the one moment that our attention was not right there to grab my camera with kit lens and my zoom lens and just melted into the crowd again. Let's be honest, it is quite possibly a parent. With over 200 kids competing there are lots of parents from everywhere.

I am angry - not just about losing my camera but about losing some lovely photos I took that day. I am angry that somewhere that you feel safe and happy you are violated like this. I feel angry that it was "one of us" that felt they had the right to take from me. I am just angry.

(Yes, the items are insured - am awaiting feedback)


  1. How awful, as you said it is such a violation.

  2. I'm really very, very sorry!

    And thanks for telling me about the insurance :) and the photos on there :)


    It sucks BIG-time!

  3. This situation really breaks my heart and I am not surprised that you are so ANGRY about it. It just freaks my bean that you are not even safe in a controlled environment. That said my sister had money stolen from her wallet in CHURCH!!! So it shouldn't actually surprise me.

    Whilst it is a comfort that it can be replaced by insurance it's the loss of the pics and the INVASION that gets to you.

  4. That's just horrible! My word!! Sorry!!

  5. That REALLY sucks on so many levels. I am sorry.

  6. Argh! How terrible :( and yes I think feeling like it was one of us is the worst!

  7. so sorry about your camera :(

  8. Oh dear! Sorry to read about a stolen camera. Hopefully insurance replaces it, though you'll never get back the lost oictures

  9. Nee!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear this - I'm fairly neurotic about my camera as I've heard of people having their cameras stolen out of their homes by friends or family after a gathering. It doesn't make the blow any less harder.



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