Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I am having a day

One where I simply can not concentrate. I touch one thing , leave it and take another on the side. To two minutes later jump on Facebook for some reason? Then the phone rings and I forget I had a payment page open. Ugh! I am sure that I have some inkling today of what L must feel like if his meds wear off.

It is as if the heaps of things that are happening in our lives have reached boiling point inside me today. As if the stress of sick grandparents, insurance stuff and the worry about getting L into the right school (to just touch the surface) is just at a point where my brain cuts off and does all kind of funny.

Therefore before I sit, tidy my desk and make a new to do list (my usual way to gear my brain into action) I am going to self medicate towards positive thoughts by doing a bit of gratitude journalling. Last night as we sat around the dining room table Hunter urged us to share one thing that was great about the day. Boy, I really had to think long and hard to find one. I intend to change this - to focus more on the positive - it's the small stuff that makes us happy after all. (Yes I am always thankful for my wonderful hubby and kids, house etc - this is more the little things that add to that)

So right now I am thankful for:
  1. My new green mug that fits my new office paint colours. It just makes me happy
  2. The police calling and ensuring that they are actually doing something about my camera theft
  3. Leftovers from last night for lunch waiting in the fridge
  4. A book to read and a bench in the garden to sit outside -I am so going to take my lunchtime break today in the office garden. It;s one of those gorgeous sunny winter days.
  5. That Saturday's hockey tournament was cancelled - yes, I think I am allowed to say that - the girls are a bit sad about it but it does make our day way easier.
  6. Did I mention before that I am going to learn how to crochet at Saturday's chess tournament? I am so excited. I really want to learn
  7. An easy morning and early and quick drop off at school
May your day be filled with little joys too.


  1. I think we all have those brain fog days, well I do frequently. I like your gratitude list, crochet is fun too, I only know the basics but enough to make blankets or beanies :)

  2. Yes, we need more of this! Focusing on the positive! A large amount of money was stolen out if my account yesterday, and it dampened my spirits considerably! To say the least!

    1. Oh no! So sorry. At least the banks have your back on that

  3. oh man, it's because there is actually too much for your mind to process. It's a lot of stuff on your mind.

    sorry you're so overwhelmed!

  4. Ek het so 'n kopseer dat ek op niks kan konsentreer nie.

  5. I had a day like that today - couldn't focus at all. Did making your to do list and lunch in the sun help? I'll be trying that tomorrow if it did ;)

    1. Oh it did - and I did lunch in the sun with a book again today

  6. Boo! Wishing you a peaceful day tomorrow.
    As for the good bits over dinner, it's our nightly ritual. :) Makes my night every night!


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