Wednesday, 23 July 2014

There are times...

When I just can not face the news. Where I steer away from newspapers, news 24 on Facebook or anything else. Like now - actually the last month or so.

Truly the last few weeks totally got to me. Hundreds of innocent people shot down incidentally in a crazy war - none even related to the parties involved in the war. Mostly Australians and Dutch on vacation and at least 6 top AIDS researchers. What a loss. The photograph of a colouring book in a kiddies suitcase tugged my heart. And one wonders what this have to say about another missing plane?

Court cases that are somewhere in the process - a boy brutally killed his family, another shot his girlfriend. Families torn with no solution or winners to either side of it.

The same as an old wars continues in the middles East with more and more loss of life. Will it ever end.

And then the worst of it - the rotten bad cherry on the top - children suffering. Parents abusing their children in the worst ways possible, children hijacked or abducted. The suffering of a little boy and his parents after being dragged behind their hijacked car. I think this is the one that just grabs my heart, and that of most South Africans right now.

Times where I merely pray that God have mercy on his people. And heal the land (the world) specifically the hearts of that grieving family - and so many other grieving families all over the world.

Edited to add: Read this heart aching but wonderfully worded statement from the parents of the Maslin kids from the Air Malaysia disaster: here


  1. Yip sometimes I don't want to listen to it as well. Other times you just can't avoid it. There was an accident down the road from our home on Monday and four people were killed. I guess the bad stuff is unavoidable but I try and focus on my little boy - he brings the joy right back!

  2. Totally agree. It needs to stop!

  3. I know, I too try to stay away from these stories, but that little 4 year old in Reigers Park has really got to me. How on earth do you move on after that?

  4. I'm posting the same thing here as I did on Laura's

    I must tell you, a lady phoned here on Monday to ask if we’re receiving our free newspaper. So I said, “I really couldn’t tell you because we throw it away immediately so I never see it”. She put the phone down without saying anything. If she’d stayed on the phone I would have told her why – because I live in a lovely area and I truly LOVE it here. However one look at the free paper and I’d be living in fear thinking of all the crime that surrounds me. They ONLY report on all the bad things that could be found!

    Anyway, what works for me is to not read that stuff at all (I protect my heart) and if I'm in the car on the half hour I will listen to the 2-minute news and that's it! Works for me :)

    1. Was so funny when I saw her post shortly after writing mine.

  5. I've posted something similar in the past and now I'm avoiding the news at all cost. My heart just can't deal with so much horror!!!!

    The first time I watched TV in almost 2 weeks was the day that plane was shot down! And then you hear news of bombing etc and the 200 plus girls still missing after 100 days and it makes my heart heavy.

    I made a choice - I'm going to be happy no matter what

  6. I'm totally feeling you Cat, my anxiety has been out of control over the last few weeks and its all the horror in the world that's pushing my anxiety levels through the roof!

  7. There was another plane crash today and D has a very extensive trip plan for most of August that involves LOTS of flying over Africa - I am trying not to think about it!

  8. There is lots of times where we also steer away from the news. We still don't watch news with our children due to how much eeky things are on there which make my heart to sore to try and explain it to our children. We read newspaper online and there I can also choose what news I want to read. I too sometimes just pray that God have mercy and sometimes I wonder how sore His heart must be, seeing the beings He love so much be this way.

  9. I try avoid most of the news - it saddens and sickens me. The death of Taegrin is just horrific. We're living in scary times. I eventually told Graeme that I didn't want to know all the issues our CPF deal with, I was getting too scared to move out the house - now he messages me when there's something happening and tells me to stay away from places/areas.

    Got to try and stay positive :-)



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